The Most Valuable Piece of Real Estate On The WA Website

Last Update: April 30, 2018

Valuable Real Estate

When you hear the words valuable real estate what do you think of? A big house maybe.

Or you might think of a skyscraper in a large city.

Some people might think of a business location on a busy street.

But when you think of the WA website what would you call the most valuable real estate? Is it the chat or the training areas where we spend so much time each day?

Some people might consider the little airplane icon because it shows how many sales are left to reach the magic number of 300.

Not me. I have a special place on the WA website that I find of particular value.

A Little Corner Of The WA Website

There is a little corner of the website. It is tucked safely away in the lower right side of the My Profile Page. You may have overlooked it. Many people do not take advantage of it. Yet it's one area that I keep returning to learn what others are doing and learn from their work. What is this special oasis? It is the Follow Me On links space.

Follow Me On

Am I overstating this by calling it the most valuable area on the WA website? I don't think so.

Yes the blogs we all write and publish are encouraging and helpful. The training, Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp, are essential for us to build and grow our online presence. Jaxxy is a unique tool to help us find valuable keywords for writing prompts.

The WA rules; however, prevent us from putting our website and other links in our posts. True no one wants spam. There is enough spam in the world and none of us wants to add to it.

So, unless a member sends a website URL in a PM or by helping others through Site Feedback or Comments their is only one place, a small corner of the WA website, where we can go to find out what our fellow WA members are doing on the web.

This should go without saying but let me be clear. I am not suggesting copying anyone else's work. Or even getting ideas for our own work. I know for me looking at other websites sets a bar and often a high bar for my own goals and objectives.

In my experience I have found many people do not share their website or social media links in this area and they should. When someone interests me with their blogs or the help they offer in a training post, this is one of the first places I go to see what they are doing on the web and how to contact them via social media.

I think this is a natural curiosity to know someone by their work and not just by their blogs. What do you think? Do you use the Follow Me On area?

Final note. This is day 84 of the 90-Day plan.

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davehayes Premium
Good post, full of good advice and I agree with the sentiments. I personally do this, I read a blog post, like the blog post, then go straight to the bottom right hand side of peoples profile and follow their social profiles and also read their blog/s

Now the reason I follow people on their social profiles, is this...

Each person is a seperate network, with seperate connections, who will not, know us and interests, so they would find comments and such like interesting, which makes this corner

Valuable Real Estate and I can't imagine for one moment, why people would not want to put their profiles down. I have heard lots of reasons today and previously why they don't, but personally speaking I think it is ignoring and passing up other ;good organic traffic'
Steven-A Premium
Thanks for the comment. I agree with you.
davehayes Premium
Your welcome, its a no brainer in my book, as I am sure it is in yours/
BrianCh Premium
Hi Steven, I quite recently started paying more attention to this little treasure trove after one of the GoGetters trainings. It's a massive encouragement to see how incredibly well people are doing.

It's an invitation to visit someone in their online home really and I love it.

All the best,

Debs66 Premium
Hey hey Steven how are you. I share my links at the bottom of my profile I think we are on each others fb's as it goes.

Thats where I work my Websites too. I share my ideas with others too.

It would be nice if more of the successful ones shared a little more but thats up to them if they want to or not I suppose.

Although some do share quite a lot already. Anyways a great post and my fb's and my Instagram are all at the bottom of my profile.

Great post and I shall go and see if we are connected lol
Have a good day Steven and have great success too.

Your friend
Debs :)
Steven-A Premium
Thank you Debs. Always good to hear from you.
Debs66 Premium
Your welcome Steve. :))
dbriley Premium
I have been using it as it is a great tool. I found with putting together our Mastermind group that it comes in real handy. Thanks for posting this every one needs to know about it.
Steven-A Premium
Thanks. I need to get a mastermind group going as well.
RiaBatista Premium
I have had curiosity on what other people are doing when they comment on post. But personally I haven’t used the follow me on social media. On the other hand, I can see the benefits. Thank you for sharing.

Steven-A Premium
It is great to see what others are doing. Try it, you'll like it.