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Last Update: Nov 13, 2016


How many of us thought about the Hula Hoop, Pet Rock, Smurf,, World Wide Web, and hundreds if not thousands of other things LONG BEFORE these "copycat" inventors came up with the idea? We all did right? I know I invented the Internet when Al Gore was still in diapers!

But wait................I forgot to record the idea ! Dang! What in the world was I thinking, or NOT thinking!

I am well aware that I have "appitis" (an overwhelming urge to use a gazillion apps to, wait for it............ "improve my life"). You knew that was coming didn't you?

I may have found a solution which we have discussed before. I use "Easy Voice" on my smartphone. There are hundreds of recording apps but I chose this one because, wait for it is EASY. I mean REALLY easy! I can be listening to a book in the car, hit the record button and say something like "reread chapter four for website ideas", or "don't forget to buy milk". Well you get the picture. Since my smartphone is almost always with need for pen and paper.

I am now looking at my Easy Voice dashboard and it says I have 19 recordings. So as soon as I hit the send key on this post I am going to replay all 19 recordings so I can do all of the things I "forgot to do".

I know....I redefine the term anal retentive ! Cathy already beat you to giving me that title!

That's it for today since I have reached my posting limit, and probably the limit of your patience. OMG another post from Steve !

Love you ALL !


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To think we could have had the Internet before Al Gore was in diapers, we would have been so much further ahead now Steve!
Do you realise that in that statement you have put civilisation back twenty years. I think I NEED a large scotch to wash down that realisation (I wanted to put another word here but for the life of me I can't think of it!). No need for pen and diapers then?

ROFL - You have a way with words Michael. Now, let me go find some diapers to write on :-)

It seems like I'm not the only one, Steve, you've got no flies on you brother!

Man, am I glad to hear that, I misplace my fly swatter !

Again, in the shed, but you don't need one.

You can never tell when we will be invaded by flies ! We must always be vigilant !

Headed to the shed !

You must have been a boy scout, always prepared.

Yes Sir !

Put your hand down, no need to salute that scotch will fly everywhere if you're not careful. What am I saying? You can do that while on a balance ball, I am impressed.

And not spill a drop !

I bow down to your scotch superiority. I don't think I would be able to do that, would you teach me?

Peace of cake brother (oh dang, wish I had not said cake) we can have a "training session".

That's a really really good idea, Steve. We are never in time to write down things using just a piece of paper and a pen.:)

And besides I usually get ink on myself anyway ! :-) Thanks Vera !

Yes, and am constantly losing pieces of paper on which i write things...:)

Michael said we should write on diapers !

Oh, really?:)

Yes, he is on a roll tonight ! His brain housing group is working overtime !

Sounds terrific!:)

Get the economy pack, Steve.

That's my friend, always helping me to save money !

I have to look after you, Steve, you are still just a baby.

And I need all the help I can get. But it will be better when I soon turn 70 !

I can't quite read that it looks like 10, I thought you said 7?

ROLFing again !

Capturing thoughts RULES!!! thanks for the suggestion on the "app" and thanks for capturing the thought of capturing thoughts in this venue!

LOL - GREAT phrasing Patrick ! Thanks :-)

Hi Steve,
Thank you for sharing. Good Idea

Thanks very much Lisa !

Great share and now what was I going to say. I remember, keep up the great work and always look forward.

Thanks Mike. And yes to looking forward ! When I look backward I fall down..........or is that just my age.

No that is our clumsy actions.

NO never ! :-)

Great post, Steve. Keep 'em coming!

You are so very kind Steve !

Always an inspiration, Steve.

Cathy says I am a "perspiration" that the same thing? :-)

You make her sweat-That could be taken either way. :)

Hmmmmmmmmmm VERY good point !

The only problem with that ( regarding the inventions), is that everything from voices saves to self-addressed and dated, unopened letters, do not count before a court of law.

The only thing they will honor nowadays is a patent file request, accompanied sometimes by proof of a worldwide originality search.

Tens of thousands of dollars......which is why, in this day and age, the inventors are corporations and firms......:-((

Great idea and very funny in parts, thanks again for that, Steve.
Cheers, Tosh :)

love this idea will try it

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