Some 2017 Goals Accomplished That Were Pretty Painless

Last Update: January 27, 2017

Howdy everyone!!

I haven't been around much lately, but that doesn't mean I have been taking a break!

My first goals for 2017 have been accomplished without too much pain. So here's what I've been up to lately...

1) The switch to SSL - it wasn't without a few hitches, but it wasn't that bad either. Thanks to all the folks who contributed with tutorials and tips here at WA, and source gathering from other sources, it has been completed on both of my sites. If there are some of you that haven't completed that task yet, I highly recommend you replay Jay's training, search here at WA on the subject, make note of all the tips and tricks and go ahead and get that one out of the way. We were given a great gift from Kyle and Carson, and I know it will be of great benefit to all.

2) I switched my theme. That one I struggled with for a while. Not that it was technically difficult, but I gave up a lot of features to go to a more modernistic, simplistic style theme which I hope will pay off over the next 6 months.

3) And last but not least - I got my first referral! That referral came from my bootcamp page, which definitely deserves some additional attention as well.

What's next? First and foremost, cleaning up the little things on my posts and pages. You know, things like broken links, broken image links and affiliate links that are stale or out of date. I found a lot of things whilst checking each of my pages and post to ensure that they were properly secured by SSL.

Secondly, I've been doing a lot of reading and saving links and searching within WA on revamping old posts with new headlines, images and perhaps adding some new, fresh content to posts. We get a lot of insider training and tutorials here in WA, and it just doesn't make sense not to take advantage of all things possible to keep our blogs or sites as competitive as possible. Also, while I am involved in the tedious process of going through posts and pages to clean up, it seems pretty easy to revamp a popular post you have made in the past!

Here's looking forward to success for everyone here at Wealthy Affiliate. And for all you who are just starting out, be assured that it IS possible! The amount of success that you achieve is based on your efforts!!

Go forth and prosper, Ya'll!!

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Awesome, Cathy!
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Great Post and Great Progress .. Cheers, William.
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Well done!
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Nice work
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thanks for sharing!