Is E-Mail Dead?

Last Update: Sep 28, 2019

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Today, I attended Jay’s webinar on Automation Strategies with Instagram. Excellent session in case you missed. In this age of social media and everyone claiming traffic is in Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and so on,

I was wondering...

Is E-Mail Dead?

It so happen, I received an email with some interesting facts about what else? Email!!

Was it a coincident?


Let’s look at what facts was in that email.

  • Email produces a return on investment (ROI) of $40.56 for each $1 dollar invested. That's an ROI of over 4000% ~ Direct Marketing Association
  • 80% of retail professionals say that email marketing is their greatest driver of customer retention. Social media is a distant second at 44%. ~ Emarketer
  • 77% of people prefer to get promotional messages via email, as opposed to other platforms. ~ ExactTarget
  • Email marketing produces more conversions than any other marketing channel, including search and social. ~ Monetate
  • An email is 5 times more likely to be seen than a Facebook post. ~ Radicati
  • 24% of visitors buy something via email, compared 2.49% via search and 0.59% via social media. ~ Monetate

What Do You Think?

Some if the facts sound too good to be true, like an email is five times more likely to be seen than a Facebook post!

So, let's hear it from the WA tribe,

What do you think?

Express your views...

Since we are all going to have to complement our organic SEO effort with some other strategies.

May be useful to get this conversation going...

Comment below...



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Recent Comments


Unfortunately, I missed this webinar. And Instagram is huge just with what research I've done. No, I don't believe email marketing is dead. In fact, it is probably worth more now due to the fact that your subscribers get to know and trust you than ever before. Email is now used to develop customer relationships. Most people would rather email or text than pick up the phone. There are so many ways to communicate with our customers, but email is the one piece of information always requested anytime you sign up for anything online or off.

Great Post! Thanks!

Thanks for your comments, Beth. Great point on relationship building via email.

Hi Stanley,

I see you have graduated from the school of hard knocks like many of us! Hence your insights need to be taken seriously as you speak from hard experience.

Since I had to go out this afternoon, I missed Jay's webinar and will be catching up on it later.

You ask a very important question about Email Marketing. I believe that it is very much alive. However, since the advent of cell phones I have noticed that text message marketing is growing every day. Personally, I check my text messages more often than my Email messages. However, I have noticed that text message marketing is only a means of connecting people with the senders Email message via a link.

Email lends itself to longer and complete messages. Also, in an Email one can place many links to websites and other areas of supporting information. I don't think Email marketing will die anytime soon.

Thanks for bringing up this food for thought.


P.S. I checked out your website and found it well thought out with a great mix of original content and referenced content from WA. I believe that in order to view the WA content one needs to be a member of WA. Hence these are great for encouraging your visitors to join WA.

I wish you much success in your solopreneur activities.


Thanks for your feedback, Edwin. I will work on the website with your inputs.

I agree mobile messaging has changed the way we communicate, much like the way we use personal computers. We divide what we do 100% on computers into, PC, smartphones and tablets.

Email aint dead! Its the future 😀

Straight to the point, Dave. Thanks.

Email marketing definitely works. I've frequently bought products from reading emails. I believe Pinterest is the most powerful, and used in conjunction with list building should see good results. I've yet to watch Jay's video as living in the UK it would mean staying up until :)

Good points. The webinars are recorded so you can view on demand after the live events.

thanks! I'll watch it later :)

Great post. I will allways continue with my email marketing it will be a stong marketing tool for years to come? Like the weather people will come and go but I definitely wouldn't rule it out.
Regards. Karl

Yes, Karl. Email has been around the longest.

Hi Stanley. Email is still a great tool to use with affiliate marketing. But used in conjunction with social media and SEO, you can't fail. Jim

Great point, Jim. Thanks.

Email is still good especially for people like me who don't approve of some of the social media sites available Stanley.

With email, I can have a targetted lists so my messages go to those that appreciate them and not just anybody. I am a lot less likely to attract spammers with my email lists.


I understand your point on targeted lists, Derek. Make sense. Do you care to elaborate under what circumstances you do not approve social media sites?

There is just far too much spamming on them. Unless you are very careful anything you place on social media disappears after just a few seconds.

Most of the spam mail I get is from social media contacts.


Good point. I did not see that coming.

Email is the strongest marketing method in my opinion. That's what gave me also the best results.

According to some studies, majority of the Internet marketers say that email list gives them the best results, better than any social media.

Great to hear that. Thanks for sharing.

Email marketing is the most lucrative and stable method for an affiliate marketer and/or an Internet Marketer to create a revenue stream.

You have it in your numbers, which clearly states that it's still is the biggest moneymaker!

"The money is in the list" as they say!

Some marketers claim that 80% of their earnings come from sales generated from email marketing. They call it their personal ATM!

The biggest challenge is to create that list.

Jay has a great series of 5 video training (weekly webinars) on email marketing from last year (2018) which we can still very much apply today. I suggest that anyone who hasn't watched it and is interested in creating an email list to go and watch those videos.

To answer your question: "NO, email marketing is NOT dead" 🙂

Great comment, Denis. Thanks. Looks like we all need to continue to build our lists.

A good mail list is better than a fan club...
However, spam becomes the new rule and spoils it for many

We all heard the money is in the list. Taking Spam and spam filter into consideration, it would be interesting to know the effectiveness of email today.

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