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We begin 2022 with news about interest rate increases due to inflation.So, I asked myself how much money did I lose today?I found out it is 0.0186% each day.Actually, I did not lose money but rather the value of the money is lost or decreased. It is worse because it quietly burns away the buying power of the money we have.This is the reason why we need a plan to increase the value of what we have or increase our earning power above and beyond the inflation rate.If you are earning 15% more from
January 01, 2022
As promised in my previous post "Countdown to 2021," I will share my goals for 2022.What is more useful for you is the approach I am taking to set my goals.There are only 2 rules.Rule 1:No BIG audacious goals!Rule 2:Achievability and commitment to the goal is the ONLY consideration.Now, in my previous blog post, I mentioned RELECTION onwhat went wellwhat could be better in 2021 in the following 4 areas.HealthWealthRelationshipSelfHere it is...What Went Well:What Could Be BetterUse Reflection To
December 30, 2021
As we wind down the year, what will you be doing?Joining a coundown party? Jollying with friends?If you are, have fun and enjoy yourself.As for me, I will be having a quiet new year eve.It is time to "Reflect."What will I be reflecting?Basically, two things in 4 areas...The first, what went wrong or did not went well in the following areas...HealthWealthRelationshipSelfThe second, what went well and I am happy about 2021 in the same 4 areas...HealthWealthRelationshipSelfThat would be my quiet N
After so long an absenceAt last we meet again:Does the meeting give us pleasure,Or does it give us pain?The tree of life has been shaken,And but few of us linger now,Like the Prophet’s two or three berriesIn the top of the uppermost bough.We cordially greet each otherIn the old, familiar tone;And we think, though we do not say it,How old and gray he is grown!We speak of a Merry ChristmasAnd many a Happy New Year;But each in his heart is thinkingOf those that are not here.We speak of frien
December 16, 2021
There is a post-pandemic trend emerging and it is not new. It is called "re-commerce."What on earth is "re-commerce," you may wonder...My good friend Jeffroi does it for years and have a house for it. He calls it the e-Bay house.Yes, my friends, sale of second hand items in some verticals and going up.The automotive industry has a very strong second hand market.Due to growth in income and easy availability of consumer credit, second hand goods lost it's appeal.In 2020, 33 million consumers boug
December 11, 2021
We are approaching the end of 2021.Today, we have social media, stories (as in Instagram), shorts (as in Tik Tok), YouTube, messaging (as in WhatsApp) and more...... and the traffic to your blogs are not encouraging.Your mind start to ask these questions...Is blogging dead?orIs it relevant in 2021?orWill it matter in 2022?These are the questions we will need answers to if we are going to commit our time and effort to building our blog sites.Kyle shared his experience in a training and you can g
December 10, 2021
I went into Kyle's mind today when I attended the, "Building a business in 2022 and beyond" training today.The message I got from Kyle is not the technicalities of the business that matter but one's attitude when doing business.Do you put your best foot forward?Do you make the effort?When starting this business, are you a dog with a bone?The definition of "like a dog with a bone" means "unwilling to stop until you have finished."Pele quoted the following..."Success is no accident. It is hard wo
I decided to upgrade to Premium Plus and was quite excited.Then my payment was rejected.I tried again... and again it was rejected.This was Sunday so I did not want to bother anyone and tried again. This time with a different card.It was rejected again.Now I have no choice but to call the bank.Bank says card is fine and the was a data error, so I tried again.No luck and payment was rejected so I tried PayPal.Again, PayPal rejected the payment and I check to ensure all data is updated by now I w
November 27, 2021
What do you do if you have been away from something you were working on and circumstances take you away...This is my journey at WA. Started out furiously learning about this business and practicing blogging. Then the pandemic hit my existing business badly and health concerns took me away from my journey in WA.I was coming back quietly reading Kyle's message and browsing on WA, including the Black Friday deals and also this "plus" subscription since I am already on "premium."Then I noticed, Kei
In several countries, there are growing concerns on the effects of social media to mental health and self-esteem since people are spending more time there.Many raised mental health repercussions from social media such as:Spending more time on social media than physical relational interactionsEffects of counting likesPromotes social comparisonOnline bullyingYou may have first hand experience and probably know people who to spend long hours on social media, posting and comparing with a plethora o