22 Easy Ways To Come Up With Compelling Content + PINterest Tips

Last Update: June 21, 2014

Happy Holidays WA members!

Ever have a hard time coming up with great content?

Here are 22 Ways to whip them up with little creativity of your own.


Secret TIP: As you'll see when you click over, infographics are very easy on the eyes and fun to read. If you can create a graphic image with helpful points that your blog post talks about, put that image on Pinterest.

These get more shares, comments, clickthroughs, etc., BUT...............

Here's the Ninja Tip,make it TALL.

Tall images take up more screen real estate! Therefore, it's not surprising that a 200 pixel high image gets REpinned on average about 500 times and an 800 pixel high gets repinned on average about 1000 times!

(Just don't get too crazy with the height)

Another TIP:

Make yourself (or your webpage) look like an "Authority." How? Use TUTORIAL Type Graphics. Study shows they get 42% more clickthroughs! Even if it's a service, show them something you know to establish authority in your niche.

You're not good at anything? Embed a tutorial style video on YOUR site and take screen shots at different steps in the video. Make that into an image with MS Paint, Paint.net, GIMP, etc. (all FREE) and post it on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc.


Another TIP:

Use Before and After (Results) Images. It gives people hope that their goals are possible. Add a Call To Action in the image to increase your Clickthrough rate.


With Call To Action (CTA) button for 80% more engagement:

What do you put in the caption?

  1. Call To Action
  2. Keywords - Every repin will be a back link to your URL (assuming the image originated from your webpage) and relevant keywords gives you an SEO boost. Plus, people searching on Pinterest can find you. TIP: put a “#” before a keyword b/c Pinterest will hyperlink that. When Pinterest users click that all the same keyword images pop up (like a Twitter hash tag) TIP: put your local city when you're marketing a local business
  3. Price - pins with prices get 36% more “Likes”! Just click edit on the image and add “$(and the number right after)” and you'll notice Pinterest ads a price ribbon on the top left area...to make it stand out. This will also put your pin in the “shopping” section where people can shop for stuff in different price categories. Click “Gifts” in the top part to see the price categories.
  4. Link
Tip: use testimonials and results in captions for “social proof.”

NOTE: these Pinterest Tips are from a webinar I attended a while back. I'm not sure who the presenter was but I can't take credit for these tips.

Enjoy and happy creating!


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Joe Henning Premium
Wonderful advice... Merry Christmas, Charlie
Sherion Premium
Thanks Charlie and Merry Christmas!
@RICH. Premium
Thanks for sharing this Charlie, appreciate it. Diva B. also has a piece of training here at WAU on creating infographics: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/ideas-for-infographic-designs/resources-needed-for-infographics Bah. Humbug, etc. Rich.
SquidooSlfMstr Premium
Hey, thanks for the link there "@Rich!" I haven't seen that tutorial. I'll go check it out now...Happy 2013!
Thank you for sharing this Charlie! Very useful. Merry Christmas to you and a very prosperous 2013!
SquidooSlfMstr Premium
You're welcome "theos." I thought is was a great reference during those "writers block" moments. Happy New Year to you too.
welshy Premium
Thanks Charlie,
Happy Christmas (holidays) to you too.
SquidooSlfMstr Premium
Thanks for the comment Craig. I just added a tip on the post.