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Quick 3 minute read you can implement using Pinterest for FREE traffic. I just updated it with a couple more tips here: Now go PIN "correctly." -Charlie
Happy Holidays WA members! Ever have a hard time coming up with great content? Here are 22 Ways to whip them up with little creativity of your own. Secret TIP: As you'll see when you click over, infographics are very easy on the eyes and fun to read. If you can create a graphic image with helpful points that your blog post talks about, put that image on Pinterest. These get more shares, comments, clickthroughs, etc., BUT............... H
Hi WA Members:Do you have a Facebook Page with LOTS of Friends and/or Likes? The more the better but more important is how responsive they are.If you do have such a page, we could see how much I will pay you for ONE post. Please PM (Private Message) me with the amount of FB Friends you have and we'll see if we can make a little money together. Read on for more info.UPDATE: Unless you have hundreds of FB Friends, please disregard this. I'm instead using a little resource mentioned by mem
For Members I'm Personally Helping. This is where we would communicate b/c we might lose our conversations in the Live Chat area. Leave your comment below.(See Update Below To How Helping Can Help YOU Earn Money) The Benefit Of Wealthy Affiliate's LIVE Chat Platform - A Member Get's 3 Clickthroughs By Then End Of 30 Minute Chat@SquidooSlfMstr Well, I have images, the fact is I get a 30% CTR on the imges, but do you think my links are not a good Call to Action?SquidooSlfMstr@zaspuckl
If You Like It, Probably Your Referrals Will Like It Too I'm sorry but I can't remember the source where I found these lessons (I think his name was Troy David White but I can't find the URL. All credit goes to him.) If any of these gives you an "A-HA!" moment, make note of it AND SHARE IT. It will not only help you in your business, but it will likely give other people that same feeling and help them as well. Now, on to some priceless lessons! Golden Secrets These secrets were extra
Hello WA Members! You can do some cool graphics with Adobe Photoshop but it doesn't come cheap. So, for us thrifty and resourceful Internet Marketers, FREE is always good. Now there is a learning curve, but if you love to create graphics, banners, edit photos, or to anything "artsy," you'll have a blast learning about what it can do. The first alternative is Gimp and can be found here: They have tutorials there as well under "Documentation." The second Photos
Attention WA Members& Buddies: Have you seen those cool graphics on a Sale Page..., you know, the "Buy Now" button, the "Money Back Guarantee" certificate, etc.? What if you could create really good looking graphics in 5 minutes to pep up your webpage? Would you be interested? No downloading another (graphics) software, no need to learn new skills (unless you don't know how to click and drag), and no need to pull out your wallet. I wonder if you'd get more clickthroughs if you had a big f
Hello WA Members:  I just rejoined WA in June and have been a "newbie" for toooooo long.    It would be great to interact with like minded people, just for support or sharing ideas. So, if anyone can relate to the following type of Affiliate Marketer, I would be delighted to have you as a "buddy":  *I don't want to be "famous" by plastering my picture and videos of me on sites (want to keep a low profile) *Like the autopilot/passive income