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I am 65 years young and "retired". This concept is actually not a reality. I believe one only "retires" the day you go 6 foot under! I have grown up in the corporate world. From cost clerk to board member.
I spent most of my "working years" in the Human Resources field.
Unfortunately "pension" provision is proving to be inadequate and I need another stream of income, hence my presence here to investigate this opportunity.

I am astounded by the amount of good and useful information I am finding here. This made me realise that it is not a case of "Bam, Wham the money comes in" but a case of being patient and making sure you get all the steps right first as many people have told me "baby steps".
BTW, my name is Theo and the s is the first letter of my surname. Just in case there is another Theo here and we get mixed up. :-) ( I am based in Cape Town - South Africa )
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Shawn Martin Premium
Welcome to WA and thanks for the follow!
Start here and if you need any help feel free to give me a shout!
Thank you Shawn for the welcome and the advice. I will make use of it!
mama2karsten Premium
Hello Theos and Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate… home to a wonderful Community of Internet Marketers… You'll find yourself surrounded by other users that want to see you succeed... If you need help, post your questions from your dashboard into live chat, post here in your own space or pm someone you think could likely help you find a solution. Follow Carson's recommendation on the Certification (level one). There are also many tools at your disposal and a lot to learn, so now is the time to dive in…. WAbinars, tutorials, videos, forums, live chat, and more. Thank You for choosing to follow me and good luck. Julie
Thank you Julie!
Hi & welcome to WA Theos, joining WA is the best thing I've done in years for myself. I hope you will feel the same way too. Great training and even better people. Thank you for adding me.
You are welcome Meredith and thanks for the welcome!
GaiC Premium

Thanks for the follow. I hope it works out for you here and you find what you need.

The WAbinars are a great tool to get you started. Jay does them every week either Friday night or Saturday morning depending where you are in the world. They are recorded so you can watch them later too :)

Browse through the training tons of great resources there. Live chat to get involved and questions answered.

There is a community of people here willing and ready to help you. If you need help just sing out.

Good luck

Thank you very much Gai!
Carson Premium Plus
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!

I wanted to stop by and officially welcome you to WA and ask you if you have any questions about getting started?

We have every tool, training resource, and support channel to help you build a thriving online business and I am personally here to help you succeed.

The "Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started (Level 1)" course is my suggestion on where to get started and you will find this on your dashboard or within the main menu:

I hope to get a chance to work with you soon :)

Thank you Carson!