A Member Got Banned On WA

Last Update: May 10, 2020

Hey guys,

A friend of mine, Mer Ven (MEelumir) sent me a text telling me he got banned on WA.

He's asking if anyone knows the process to lifting the ban?

Also, he wants to know if he can regain access to posting on WA after getting banned.

I think this happened after he wrote a religious post.



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MinaKim Premium
Sorry to hear Merven got banned.
If I can recall it correctly, his last 2 posts (about his birthday & thanking people who greeted him) were both in Top 10 Posts.
Many people commented on those posts.
I wonder what's the exact reason so, we can also avoid it.
Hope Kyle lift the ban soon.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - his last post which has now been taken down was entirely religion-based. He was advised to remove it and presumably didn't do so, which is the likely reason for his ban.
MinaKim Premium
Oh I see. Thanks Diane for confirmation.
LouiseBT Premium Plus
Hi Sonny

I am sure Kyle will lift this ban, it's not as though he was being abusive to fellow members or trying to communicate with them outside of WA. It makes me sad that he was banned for this reason, perhaps there is more to the story? I see the law of attraction in the same light as others see religion, and those posts are permitted. Anyways, maybe that is just me.

Please contact Kyle directly, I am sure he will assist.

Blessings always
LindaF Premium
Another way you can get banned here at WA is by using your URL in your posts because this considered Spamming.

Members can post there website on the right below your profile picture. I have seen members use religious values but it not the same as using religion as a post.

It is easy to overstep your privileges here with not knowing the rules we are asked to read the rules when we sign up and agree to them. I have never been banned but was warned using my URL when I was a new member. lesson learned.

I hope he can get pardoned but like others said only by contacting Kyle, good luck

apache1 Premium Plus
The only way to get the ban lifted is by contacting Kyle yourself as he would not be able to do so. As I see he had a post that was based on religious values which is a not allow with WA
If he gets reinstated by Kyle or Carson then give him this link to read. Also note it takes more than one person to state he is going against the rules.

As for the post that would have been taken down that is why no one else can see the post now.
LatinNomad Premium
Thank you Apache. That is pretty clear.
Sonny40 Premium
Thanks, apache
EdwinBernard Premium
Merven has always appeared to be a decent fellow. His posts and comments were always very courteous.

I don't recall seeing a religious post by him. I checked his blogs and didn't find one there.

Whatever it is,as long as he is still able to communicate with Kyle, he should do so and work something out. Kyle is very reasonable and I am sure this action would not have been taken unless something serious occurred.

Members do express their religious feelings here as part of normal conversation. I wouldn't think that would be a problem. We do have a lot of latitude on what we can write our blogs about. Politics, religion and illegal topics are not permitted as far as I am aware of.

I hope Merven will be able to sort this out.