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Hello everyone,Almost 50% of this number occured around the past 2 months by using "tricks" that I've discovered which I'm about to share with you.Follow your competitor's followers:People who follow your competitors are already interested in your niche so it makes sense to follow them in hopes that they follow you back and a good chunk of them actually do. Try to follow people with at least 100 followers (the more, the better). People with many followers will tend to follow you back. It is sai
Hey guys, A friend of mine, Mer Ven (MEelumir) sent me a text telling me he got banned on WA.He's asking if anyone knows the process to lifting the ban?Also, he wants to know if he can regain access to posting on WA after getting banned.I think this happened after he wrote a religious post. Thanks,Sonny
April 01, 2020
It finally happened in 6 months and 2 days. It's only a little over $5 but after all the work I put in, it feels like a million bucks! I hope to see a few zeros behind it around this time next year. Sonny
**This post is not related to affiliate marketing.** I just wanted to share an epiphany. If there's one lesson we can all learn from the Corona virus, it's to never take anything for granted. This includes toilet paper, the easily accessible supply of food in the supermarkets, being able to stay close to our loved ones or simply being able to walk outside to enjoy the weather. I have a condition called Gout which is a build-up of uric acid in the joints. If you look at uric acid under a microsc
What a surprise! I never expected this post to rank because this niche is super competitive. Even more surprising was it was able to out-rank some huge and well-established websites like,, and even I did some investigative work to find out what I did right so I can replicate it. I looked into around 20 websites below mine to find a common denominator. I know design and layout wasn't a factor because almost all of them had nicer look
I had to disapprove someone's comment because the person copied and pasted an entire paragraph from Google and used it as comment. But for some reason, I didn't realize I was typing on someone else's comment. The person's name is kiki.KIKI! If you can read this, You must be fuming mad! I'm really really sorry!It was a great comment, btw!Sonny
November 02, 2019
$1.14 to be exact and it came from Google Ads. This came about a month and 2 days after I signed up. To be honest, I don't know what to feel. On one hand, I feel as though I tilled and seeded a 10 acre lot with nothing more than a simple garden tool and all that grew was a tiny little cucumber. It was hard work, to say the least especially because i'm not computer savvy. I haven't watched a single show on Netflix in over a month! I'm either at work or I'm on the computer working on content. To
October 09, 2019
Woohoo! I almost fell off my seat when this popped up on my screen!It took exactly a week for them to find my site. This is just the beginning. I still have a looooooooong way to go. I'm so happy!
October 08, 2019
It's almost 3am and I just poured myself a cup of coffee to keep myself awake while working on my first website and writing my first blog. Have I lost my mind? Actually, I'm having fun. I'm a total newbie. This blogging thing is foreign to me and until recently, my computer skills were limited to reading the news and browsing on Facebook. Now im building my own website! There's just something about it. I mean, with billions of people on earth, how many people do you know have actually built th