I am not making money yet!

Last Update: May 29, 2019

I am sorry. I just read another post from someone that is complaining they have not made any money yet. I have spent the majority of my career as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Among other things, a CPA gives financial advice to businesses and some CPA's help with the taxes. So, this question frustrates me when it comes from people that have been here less than a year.

You may not want to hear this but it is true: Unless you spend thousands on advertising or you are one of the exceptional few; most likely you are not going to make a profit on any new business endeavor in the short run.

Some people win the lottery. Some people get struck by lightening. In both cases, these people are one of the exceptional few. Most people don't. The same is true in business. The rest of us have to work exceptionally hard. We have to keep going when normal people would give up.

If you need money fast; get a JOB. I can promise you, getting a JOB is the easiest way to earn money. All you have to do is show up on time, dressed appropriately and do what you are told to do with a good attitude. Play nice with your co-workers, follow the rules etc...

Yet for some reason, you have chosen to start a business. That is what WA is about.

Yes, you may have fallen for the idea that is easy to make money online. Yet, I don't feel sorry for yourself if you have not. Recently I heard that it took Amazon over 7 years to make a profit. That is a long time.

In case, you are wondering, profit is when your the money your earn from sales is higher than the expenses.

As I tried to verify that 7 year figure, I found an Inc Magazine article that talked about:

5 successful businesses that "didn't make a single dollar of profit for 5 years."

  • Amazon: It took 9 years before Amazon made a profit.
  • Fed Ex: 4 years.
  • ESPN: The sports television network: Over 10 years before it made a profit.
  • Tesla: 10 years.

Admittedly, they all found people to lend them money until the business could be profitable.....

What would like be like if each of these entrepreneurs gave up at the six month or one year mark?

How BAD do you want to be in business for yourself?

Just something to think about.....

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BrendaMZ Premium
I didnt know you were a CPA. Its true, it does takes time to build a business. People need to learn to stop whining about it. Fast track to success happens when they reinvest time and money in advertising to grow their business. Everyday, we see ads all over the place. This is how businesses grow. Amazon started out in 1994ish with just selling books online then later, Bezos reinvested to expand for more products. Ignore these people, they are just whiners, those people wont succeed with that kind of attitude. They need to have small goals to market their business step by step and develop a mindset to meet those goals.
DesireeA Premium
It would be great if I woke up tomorrow and I at least had enough from my website to stay home from my j.o.b....but I know that will not happen, yet.

I can tell you what's happened to these people, shiny object syndrome and pie in the sky promises. I've been guilty, gurus sell Golden Tickets or promise to help you make a business in 4 hours that will skyrocket. I see it all the time. And some of them may actually be able to deliver, for a hefty price.

One thing to think about, you are starting out, what if your business took off like a rocket, would you know how to handle it?
AnitaLouise Premium
Good question, I was listening to a podcast about growing with your business and learning from your mistakes. I probably would not know how to handle it correctly if my business just took off quickly.
marchanna Premium
This is 100% spot on.

One wonders how they came to WA thinking this was get rich quick around here.

Perhaps they've been tainted elsewhere and aren't paying attention?

Such people have another strike against them -- an absolutely incorrect mindset for success.

Hate to say it, but they are almost the walking dead already (that's obviously hyperbole that 'they are going to fail').

They need to change their mindset RIGHT NOW and unfortunately probably don't know how to do it. Or, don't want to.
denkweise Premium
A lot of people complain they don't make money but they don't realize how much work needs to be put into such an asset.

I like to think of businesses and assets as White Oak Trees. First, you have an acorn, which is a seed. Let's say this seed represents the idea of a business or asset.

Next, you decide to act on that idea, so you plant the seed, and you take the first step towards your asset.

An acorn will take a while before it sprouts, even longer before it's a tree, and even LONGER to produce acorns. Let's suppose a tree producing acorns is akin to an asset producing money.

I do not believe making a business is like the lottery at ALL. The Lottery is a game where there are people doomed to fail, with only 1 winner.

In business, you aren't doomed to fail. It's true many variables and factors come into play, but I really don't see luck (at least in my experience) having anything to do with it.

roopekiuttu (user here at wealthy affiliate) has a GREAT post on his profile called "The #1 Reason Why You Are NOT Succeeding!".

In this post, he gives some advice that says "Publish +200 high quality +1,500-word posts targeting a low competition keyword.".

Yes, you read that right, 200+. And that was just for posts, not including engagement with people in the physical world, or youtube videos, social media posts, etc.

Using the training information, I was able to get #1 ranked on Google for the keywords I chose. Trust the process, and stick with it. You could be making a mistake now that won't show itself until later, but don't give up!
Swangirl Premium
I read the same post just now and thought many of the same things Sondra. Clearly this person has unreasonable expectations. They have been sold the pipedream of make money quick online. I made a few dollars here and there by 6 months but not enough to break even. It took my two years to make much of a profit and I still make WAAAAY less at this than at my regular job. (it's like 1%). It is even way less than what I make at my side job/business of property management. So why do I stick around?

There are people here who started when I did and now make more than I do each month from all my jobs combined. There are millionaires here who started from nothing. Everything we need to become successful is here. It takes time and commitment however. My traffic is now getting to 100 organic visitors per day (some days). That means I am moving in the right direction. I know I will make a profit each year. That is more than most businesses can say after just a few years. I am not risking anything by being here. I didn't have to borrow a massive amount of money that I may or may not be able to pay back. I don't have to spend money on advertising. I don't have to quit my job (with health insurance, retirement etc) to take a gamble on this. There is only possible benefit and no real risk! How often do we get such chances?
KateGrey Premium