Defining "blog" is a fool's errand

Last Update: July 27, 2018

As far as I can see, many new WA members are at their very first rodeo ... I've also realized that almost everybody is trying to follow the training instructions with an admirable "rigorism" ...

Which is good and absolutely normal!

But I'd like to make a personal remark ... For everybody who is "desperatley" trying to follow those steps "ad litteram" ...

The incredibly well structured tutorials included in the WA training are meant to give you an overall overview and a "roadmap" that can help you to make your first steps towards your goals. Sometimes those steps must be followed exactly as they are presented (specific technical issues, platform-dependent solutions, etc), but in certain situations they are nothing more but recommendations and guidelines.

Let me give you a broad example: the 4th level of the Online Entrepreneur Certification. Obviously, WA will give you a general overview of every single major social network. But that doesn't mean that you MUST inlude every single social platform in your social marketing plan. In fact that would be probably a typical rookie mistake. Instead, you should focus on the 2 most important networks that suit your business objectives (based on your ideal target audience). Why? Well, first of all, because social marketing is very time intensive. But more importantly, because, each major network has its own advantages and disadvantages! Facebook is the biggest dog in the B2C segment, Twitter is great for fast and short communications, Linkedin is a B2B platform, Instagram is about photo sharing, Pinterest is recommended mostly for lifestyle businesses and so on ... Do you get my point? And this is how it works ... At ANY level ...

Do you want to place your sidebar on the left-side? Do it! You don't want to use a sidebar at all? It's up to you!

Dou you want to have 100% control over your site content? Forget AdSense!

Do you want to create your own digital products? Do it! Forget Amazon!

And so on ...

What I am really trying to say here ... The real beauty and power in having your own blog or website: you are the plenipotentiary ruler! Yes of course, you should follow the basic guidelines, but otherwise you can do whatever you want! In fact, you need to do that, beacuse you want to be unique ... And this is why blogs are so incredibly powerful!

So, don't forget: your blog is whatever you want to be! Or, as Michael Conniff said:

Blogs are whatever we make them. Defining a blog is a fool's errand.

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Happy2Learn Premium
Thanks for sharing
smartketeer Premium
Thanks for your comment!
SteveCrozza Premium
I was a typical rookie when starting but after a few lessons I realised that not everything was covered, as you say.

I do things my own way in a few situations but generally follow the guidelines.
smartketeer Premium
That's the point Steve!
HTolliver1 Premium
Great post, the goal is to integrate you and your site to your uniqueness. Your ownership.
smartketeer Premium
Yep. That's the point :)
Nancy29 Premium
I thoroughly enjoyed this article. First, it was comforting to have someone who is experienced voice what I had decided about social networking...two are plenty for my site. Second, I learned a new word...plenipotentiary. I now know it’s definition, and that it can be used as either a noun or a verb. Love it! And, I love your material. Keep it coming, please.
smartketeer Premium
Thanks again Nancy!
anusuya1 Premium
Thank you for this post. It is an eyeopener for me. I enjoyed every bit.