Questions by Sie3 9

How do I stop google from indexing website worth?
I find it very discouraging and embarrassing when the site is worth peanuts.…
4 months ago 14 Replies
How do I stop the spiders from crawling my media library?
Google is indexing some images from my wordpress media library. Is there…
8 months ago 6 Replies
Do wa domain names expire 1 month after auto renewal?
Or was there a typo in the email I received? Does anyone know? I sent…
1 year ago 24 Replies
Google update - should we be worried about affiliates?
Has anyone seen this?
1 year ago 10 Replies
Is it a good idea to outsource video services for pages?
Unusually for a landing page? You know, to explain your business, maybe…
1 year ago 2 Replies
E-commerce website and a catalogue site - can I find help?
So, just a few minutes ago, I received a call from a friend. Guess what?…
1 year ago 9 Replies
Are we allowed to embed jay's webinars onto our content?
Besides, there are affiliate links at the bottom of each one. Am I right…
1 year ago 9 Replies
Is there a way I can make my links visible?
For some reasons, my links are blended to the text, and one cannot tell…
1 year ago 18 Replies
Which social share plugins do you recommend?
Are there any good freebies out there?
1 year ago 8 Replies