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Last Update: Aug 3, 2020

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Did you know...

If you start a website today & publish 2 new posts on it each week, then at this same time next year you could actually quite easily sell that website for $11,000+?

Pretty crazy, right? (and the proof of that is further down this post)...

So, I want to ask you something...

Knowing that, would you commit to actually doing it?

Would you publish 2 posts per week, if it meant you'd earn $11,000 at the end of it?

Surprisingly, even though so much money is so easily attainable, there aren't actually many people that would commit to such a task (and stay committed).

The reason?

People want everything NOW. Unless the reward comes first, they don't want to know.

That's why so many people are willing to pay so much money for these types of pre-built websites. They want to "skip" the work & try to buy their way to success instead.

But if you are indeed willing to put in the work, then that presents you with an AMAZING opportunity... Because you could find yourself generating a 5-figure income, from literally a few hours work each week.

It almost kinda sounds "too easy", doesn't it? But it's completely true...

You see, from time to time I like to check out what other websites are up for sale & a few days ago I came across a pretty interesting one that was receiving a ton of bids.

The reason it was interesting was because it's the EXACT same type of website that you're taught how to build here at Wealthy Affiliate. A simple niche affiliate marketing website.

And look at the price of it:

It's currently sitting at $11,100 with more bids pending and it still has 1 day to go.


Now, you're probably thinking the website must be something special right?

Well, no offense to the creator... But not really.

  • The website was launched in May 2019
  • It has a mere 78 posts
  • Each post on average is around 1,200 words
  • It earns ~$313/mo through Amazon's affiliate program

And it's running the standard GeneratePress theme... Which is just further proof that your website really doesn't have to look amazing to succeed.

It's a website that ANY of you could build. Even those of you who've just signed up today.

And in case you're thinking it must just be a "one-off"... Nope.

In fact, here are blog posts from Wealthy Affiliate members who've actually sold the sites that they built at Wealthy Affiliate for MORE money:

So when you are writing content for your website & thinking "you're not getting anywhere" because you're not earning commissions, think again.

Even though you may not necessarily be earning commissions yet, you're still building an asset... An asset that you could potentially later sell for 10s of thousands of dollars.

The ironic part is that the only people that work for nothing, are those that give up.

Providing you keep your website active (as I mentioned in a previous blog post) and keep adding content, you ARE succeeding, whether you realize it or not.

Whether your success be in the form of earning commissions or building an asset, it is still a success all the same & at some point you will certainly reap the rewards of it.

So do yourself a favor, and always keep pushing forward. Keep that content coming because if you do, then this time next year your bank account could have an extra 5-figures sitting in it.

And I'm sure you'd like that, huh? :)

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Very cool!
Its definitely good to know that the sites were working on today will have some substantial value later on.

Another good reason to keep your website updated and post regularly, for me anyways, is that with each new post, I feel like I get better and better at writing.

Thank you for the info, I love reading posts like this!

Great post Dale, I never thought to look at it that way before!

I have to admit, I've been feeling very discouraged lately. My affiliate Bootcamp site is 5 months old with 48 articles, but things just don't seem to be getting any better. My Google Analytics is just a flat line, literally no visits, and my posts are below page 10 or not ranked at all.

I heard it takes 6-12 months to see big changes, so hopefully I'm not too far away from that. If not then I guess selling up is always an option, but for now I'll just keep plugging away.

Keep going, Joseph.

Hi it can be frustrating when you are following everything to the book and still no success.
Don't be discouraged. Giving up is not an option. Not after putting in hours of your time to write 48 articles.
Take time to go back to the drawing board. Roughly you have been writing 2 articles a week. Do you have any reviews from the WA community?
Have your friends and family visited your website?
Its still too early, don't be discouraged!
All the best!

Really inspiring post Dale, thanks! I never considered creating a site with the sole intent of selling it later on but I can see how doing just that could be very profitable.

I've had several niche ideas that I thought would do very well however I couldn't see myself writing on the subject for the long term. Thinking along these lines, perhaps those sites might still come to be :)

Thanks so much,

Great post! I never even thought about selling in the future but now that you mention it......... HAHA One way to look at it too is that if you end up doing those 2 post a week and you do not sell, just imagine the progress the site has made! Shoot for the stars and if you fail, you will land on the moon!

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