Site Comments Needs Improving - Any Ideas?

Last Update: July 20, 2019

Site Comments Needs Improving - But Only a Little

Now before I go on to why I think Site Comments Needs Improving I just want to say that I think Carson & Kyle have done an amazing job helping us all to succeed online with everything that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer us and they continue to keep impressing me with the new regular updates to this program, but I'm sure we all have our ideas on how to improve certain things here so I hope they won't mind me writing this

I'm not sure how many people here use the Site Comments feature here but I'm guessing there isn't many as there seems to be the same people requesting and commenting every time I use it

It's great for the people getting comments and earning money by leaving comments but the problem I have is that I keep getting the same people leaving comments on the same posts as if it's the first time they have left one there

I don't know about you but I can't remember who left a comment on any of my posts so I will automatically approve and reply to all genuine comments, I will also write a comment on every website that pops up, and that's where the problem lies

There isn't a system in place to let us know if we have already wrote on somebody's post so it will look a bit strange if somebody wrote twice, or even 3 times on the the same bit of content

I truly am grateful for everything here at WA but site comments just needs a bit of tweaking, and I know they are working their asses off trying to give us the best here so I don't expect them to jump straight to this problem

I just had to get this off my chest to either get more people to start using the site comments platform or to be careful before jumping in to leave a comment on every website that comes up that needs a comment because I know from experience that they don't come up as often as I would like so I will leave as comment on every site I see without thinking

Carson... Kyle... If you read this... I know you do everything you can to make this experience brilliant so I hope you don't take this to heart but maybe there is see me thing that you could do to stop "duplicate" comments happening on our sites, Maybe have a notification on the post to say if we have left a comment or not

I don't know how hard that would be, and it probably is, but it would be really helpful

What do you guys think about what I have mentioned?

Have you had a similar problem?

Or do you have any suggestions that might help to improve the sitecomments feature?

Thanks for reading this and I can relax now that I have said what I needed to say, lol


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DianneBee Premium
I have noticed this too. Also, if a very similar post comes up, or one I know nothing about, the "Skip" counter makes it seem like a negative that one doesn't leave a comment. Why even have one?
Shwni Premium
I agree, skip shouldn't be an option, you should just alter your interests within the sitecomments section to only subjects you would want to comment on
JohaneG Premium
Good concern and post.
Shwni Premium
Feochadan Premium Plus
I have been getting the exact same problem with the same people repeatedly commenting on the same post. I do hope that this can be fixed as it really doesn't look good on our posts.
Shwni Premium
Me too, I thought they had a system in place to stop it
Twack Premium
Sounds like a plan. I haven't come across this anomaly yet but then I haven't asked for huge amounts of comments on posts that already have them, or if I have, there is a significant time between them.
Shwni Premium
But it would still be the same person commenting wouldn't it
Swangirl Premium
They used to be screened I thought so we would not be given the option to comment on the same post twice. This year I have seen this duplication occurring however.

Yes, it seems the system could track who has left a comment on what so they don't have the option to comment twice on the same content.
Shwni Premium
I thought they were screened as well