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How Long Does it Take to Make a Website SEO Friendly?Now this is a question that depends on how good your SEO was on your website in the first placeIn my case however, it was absolutely terrible!When I first started this website I had no clue of what I was doing even though I was following the great training here but as time has gone on I have learned so much so I decided to go through all my old postsAll 167 of them!So, My answer to the question "How Long Does it Take to Make a Website SEO Fri
Site Comments Needs Improving - But Only a LittleNow before I go on to why I think Site Comments Needs Improving I just want to say that I think Carson & Kyle have done an amazing job helping us all to succeed online with everything that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer us and they continue to keep impressing me with the new regular updates to this program, but I'm sure we all have our ideas on how to improve certain things here so I hope they won't mind me writing thisI'm not sure how many p
How to Find WA Members Who Left a Comment on Your WebsiteI don't know about you but I sometimes need to get hold of a member of Wealthy Affiliate that left a comment on my website to give them a chance to change it if they haven't quite met my requirements I had a problem with a member here at WA just leaving feedback for my site instead of a comment about the content which can be a bit frustrating but instead of not approving it and increasing their dissaproval percentage I thought I would giv
Comments on a Website: How to Make Yours Look More Organic on Site CommentsIf you are looking at making your Comments on a Website that you leave through site content here at Wealthy affiliate look more Organic, or Orgasmic whichever takes your fancy, then there is one small thing you could do.I know most of you here really do leave valuable comments on others websitesSometimes it's to help boost the amount of content on thereAnd other times its to get that coin from WABut how many of you actua
I'm a Web Designer... Apparently!Today I wen't to my local ice-cream shop with my wife and 4 sons which has been having a bad time at the moment due to the fact that there has been a "Better" Ice-cream shop being opened not far awayWhilst waiting for our order I casually asked the owner if he had a website for the shopHe said that he didn't and was looking for someone to take care of it for himI naturally put my services in front of him as a web designer, don't ask me why, but I did, lolAnd he
Dad Jokes"YEY" I hear you all cry, only one more cringeworthy groaning "Dad Joke"Yes, Yes it is, and what a cracker I have for you today.Speaking of "Crackers" this one sounds like it came from inside of one, lolSo, Here we go, The last joke you will be reading off me unless you happen to read my obituary.... Hahahaha!I was torn between a few cringe worthy jokes today, like...Bono JokeBono and the Edge walked into a bar, and the barman said "Oh No! Not U2 again"Or This One....Dog Joke"Yesterday
3rd Position on Googles First Page Within 40 SecondsJust wanted to let everyone know that my blog about revamping old posts actually works if you follow what I did in This PostI had a post that needed a bit of TLC which I have been doing for a while now and getting some awesome results and I managed to get it from being nowhere on the search engine grid to being on the number 3 spot on GoogleI know that others have had their posts showing that it had been less than 20 seconds that it had been u
Dad JokesDay 5 of the "Dad Jokes" and I have to say I have been really happy with the way they have made people groanI haven't made that many people groan and moan since I left the toilet seat up at an Ann Summers Party my wife had in our house. lolIf you fancy reading a good joke then I suggest you back up now and go elsewhereReese Witherspoon Joke ( I think you know where this is going already)ME: I was just listening to the radio in the car and I heard thet some blonde actress just got kille
Dad JokesRemember the cringey, bad, aweful jokes that have been going on this week?Well I'm about to give you another one just because I know you love them so muchBut don't worryThere are only 3 left to endure and I will try and make them the best "Dad Jokes" I possibly canOr Will I?... HahahahaDisclaimer: This joke might be a little longer than my previous ones and contains slightly rude words and "inappropriate content" so if you easily get offended then please do not read on.Welsh Man Joke (
Dad JokesOnly day 4 of the dad jokes and it is apparent that they are not as popular as I expected them to be, I mean, my kids bloody love them lolIt's a small one today (As the actress said to the bishop)So, let's get on with the joke you have all been looking forward too ;)Chicken & The Egg Joke"I have just ordered a chicken and an egg at the same time from Amazon, I'll keep you posted on the results"I'm Here All Week Ladies And Gentlemen :D