3 Social Media Plugins: Increase Your Traffic And Share Stats

If you didn't know already that a big chunk of your website's traffic comes from social media

There's nothing worse though than after you have published a post you have to go into each platform to share it

How much time does that normally take you?

Exactly!... Too much time is your answer I bet

Now, what if I told you that there was a plugin that could take all that pressure away from you and give you more time to start on your next project?

Would you be intrigued?

Well I was when I started reading about this certain plugin as I'm sure you are as well

I mentioned 3 plugins at the start of this post, and the 2nd one I have to tell you about

Could potentially increase your post shares dramatically if you use it in the right way

The 3rd will get your images shared so much more than they would without it

If you stick around I am going to show you what they are and how to use them correctly

Oh yeh... I have been going on and on about how great these plugins are and I forgot to say what they are called, didn't I?

Well the first one I mentioned is called Blog2Social which covers pretty much all social media platforms

And the second one is called Better Click To Tweet which covers...you guessed it...FACEBOOK

HAHA, Just kidding, it is, of course, a Twitter plugin

The 3rd is called Pinterest Pinnit Plugin which will get all those awesome images that you have created shared globally...Hopefully!

I don't know if you have heard of these before?

If you have and are already using them then you won't want to keep reading

But if you have not heard about them then pop over to the next page

Where I will be happy to explain what they are, how they work, and how to use them

Next Up Is Blog2Social

please like, comment on, and share this tutorial if it has helped you in any way :)

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ColleenF1 Premium
Thank you!
Shwni Premium
Pleasure Colleen :)
ContentBySue Premium
These will be extremely helpful plug-ins! Thank you so much, Matthew, for sharing them and all the thorough information too.

All the best,
Shwni Premium
They certainly will Sue, you will wonder how you coped without them once you start using them :)
ElaineSmith1 Premium
Hey Shwni,
This is so interesting!!! I thought there was just only one type. Learn something new everyday!!!

Tried and True

Shwni Premium
Always learning Elaine...Just need to be earning now, lol
Shweta10mg Premium
Thankyou for this enlightenment of a tutorial. I will download it :)
Shwni Premium
My pleasure, let me know if you need any help with anything else :)
HeidiY Premium
Thank you so much for this. Great tutorial, easy to read and really valuable info. I’ll be installing the first two for sure a little later today.

I needed to do some work on sharing my content to social media as it is taking a LOT of my time so really looking forward to trying that one.

And I always wondered how people got that Tweet Box around their continent, now I know :)

I am using Sumo so have Pinterest and other share icons on images.

Thanks again.
Shwni Premium
I always wondered about the twitter box so I thought I would look into it and found these great plugins. The Twitter one is so powerful you would be crazy not to have it on your site :)
HeidiY Premium
Quick update, both now installed on my Bootcamp site as a trial, and working beautifully. I have G+, FB, Twitter and Pinterest set up for the sharing and it’s BRILLIANT!

Gave it a test run with a new post from today and within 2 minutes posts all with individualized comments posted to all my social media. Loving it :)

I’ve got a few Twitter boxes in content but need to spend some time to get those sorted.

Thank you once again.
Shwni Premium
That's great Heidi, The blog2social plugin has a 30 day free trial of the premium version and you don't have to give any bank details or payments which I would highly recommend trying out. You can schedule your posts for certain times of the day and choose what days to post them. I used it and set a whole weeks worth of old posts to publish on social media and I didn't have to do anything after that..give it a try and let me know what you think