Making Your Comments on a Website More Organic

Last Update: June 21, 2019

Comments on a Website: How to Make Yours Look More Organic on Site Comments

If you are looking at making your Comments on a Website that you leave through site content here at Wealthy affiliate look more Organic, or Orgasmic whichever takes your fancy, then there is one small thing you could do.

I know most of you here really do leave valuable comments on others websites

Sometimes it's to help boost the amount of content on there

And other times its to get that coin from WA

But how many of you actually check the reply comment back to you after it has been approved?

Not many I would imagine!

I was the same at first, only thinking about leaving a good enough and relevant comment to get the credit but I have changed my ways now.

Giving Your Comments on a Website a Little Bit Extra

This little extra bit of time you will take won't benefit you in the slightest I'm sorry

But it would do wonders for the people that you leave comments for and their websites

All you have to do is to click on the website link that has approved your comment

Go to the comment section at the bottom of the post, find your comment that you have left and leave a small reply to what they have said back to you

You haven't got to do it on every comment you leave, and I'm not saying you HAVE to do it but it really is a nice way to help others out, and not just for the money

It really is as simple as that but could make a huge impact on the organic look of the comments

Final Thoughts

It's only going to take a minute of your time but it could do so much for their website and hopefully help them to rank better with the extra content through the organic comments

Like I said, you won't get paid any credits for doing this but we are all a community here and we should be helping everyone here as much as we can, Shouldn't We?

After all, We need all the helping hands we can get, Am I right?

As a well-known brand says...

"Every Little Helps"

Thanks for reading this and I hope we can all give a bit of help to the community here at Wealthy Affiliate

Is this something that you do already or will do in the future?


Matthew :)

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LouiseBT Premium Plus
Hi Matthew
I confess, I am not good at doing this - purely because I don't always know that there has been a response. If I receive an email letting me know, I will definitely go back, otherwise, a quick pm will get me back there too.
Hope this helps someone :-)
Shwni Premium
Hey Louise, if you check on your comments that you have left on site comments like the image in this post, you can see whether they have been approved or still pending
If they have been approved then there will be more than likely a reply to your comment on their site, but not everyone replies, they just approve the comment. Which I think is a missed opportunity.
Dedo52 Premium
Hi Matthew,

What a genuinely orgasmic idea!

Shwni Premium
SnazzyIT Premium
Yes definitely, sometimes I revisit the sites and leave them anyway, especially if I enjoyed reading their articles :)
Shwni Premium
Great stuff :)
AlexEvans Premium
A very good way to add that bit more authenticity to comments after all they are an online conversation.
Shwni Premium
Exactly Alex :)
N33 Premium
Sure, this is the minimum of politeness.
Shwni Premium
Of course it is :)