Moble eCommerce - Now a Trillion Dollar Industry!

Last Update: June 03, 2017

As of statistics posted early in 2017, mobile eCommerce has become a trillion dollar industry. More people than ever are now doing their shopping online via mobile devices such as:

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet

Laptops and desktop computer will always have their place for various form of computer activity, but more and more people are finding mobile devices to be the most convenient way to source out products they want to buy (whether locally or overseas), and make purchases.

Handheld tech gadgets have long been the device of choice for accessing social media while out and about or on the fly, and that popularity and instantaneous gratification has now evolved into more and more online purchases being made via mobile device than ever before.

Asia Is Where It's At

Many people in Asian countries love using their smartphones and tablets for accessing the internet. This is largely due to the fact that many people can't afford a desktop or laptop computer, so they rely on things such as smartphones and their phone plan to access social media and make online purchases.

It Doesn't Stop With Asia

This trend has been experiencing a growth spurt the world over and is not limited to the Asian region. These days it really is the "in thing" to do your banking and money transactions via a smartphone and do the bulk of your online shopping from a mobile device.

A Goldmine for Online Marketers

As affiliate and internet marketers, this can only be good news for us. Not only does this information mean people are making purchases online from mobile devices, it also states that more and more purchases are being made online in general - from all devices, including computers.

The online shopping frenzy isn't likely to diminish. In fact, it's set to soar more and more in the coming years. Now is the time to really cash in as an affiliate marketer; working hard, providing our readers with quality content, product reviews and promoting quality products.

If you haven't already started an online marketing business with Wealthy Affiliate, then get started now.

The online shopping world is growing, and it's our chance now to grow with it.

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DaveSw Premium
Singing to the choir Darren! I have to make sure all sites are mobile friendly, but this data also indicates that creating an app might be necessary as well? This makes it MORE convenient for them to open the app and order/reorder! Cheers! Dave : )
WaynePro Premium
Absolutely agree. I am currently living in Hong Kong and everyone does everything on their smartphones. Thanks for sharing.

Thomas2011 Premium Plus
This is so true, Thanks for the share. We may also want to start cashing in on developing apps, There is an app company that offers app template quite like WordPress it is it will be worth a look if you have a website you could link to your own app.
NarasimhaRao Premium
It is very important that our WA provides mobile app for our websites towards encouraging ecommerce.
sherlock77 Premium
You don't need a mobile app. You just need to use a theme that is a "responsive" theme, meaning it will orientate itself well for mobile devices.
pablocortina Premium
The post is highly motivating and makes sense. Internet business is the way to go. I'm convinced of it as are you. Have a good one.
sherlock77 Premium
Cheers Pablo.