I have to laugh!

Last Update: Mar 22, 2017


Really, I do or let the other side of my personality take over. I have been in Wealthy Affiliat now for getting close to a year. I love it here! I can not say enough about how much I have learned and how helpful everyone is. I have yet to make much money but that is business. I am so glad I went yearly. I wish I would have waited a couple of weeks more to take advantage of the end of the year special but live and learn.

The reason I am laughing is I just noticed I am going backward on my Rank. I am further back now than when I started. I was just below 300 a few months back. I was spending so much time on emails and replies and all of that and not enough on my websites. I changed that and changed my email stuff and now am more satisfied with my websites. All 3 of them. My Rank has gone way up but my stress level has gone down and my determination to make money has gone way up. It just made me LOL today.

Also, I try to welcome people who follow me---but if I missed you, I am sorry. I do appreciate your follow and try to follow you back. If there is anything I can to do help you PLEASE message me. shary

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I was told that the ranking wasn't as important as the lessons. I go through my emails at work, on break because it's hard to do the courses at my work. As for you, you are doing great! Good job.

Shary, thank you for your post.

This is just the kind of dilemma I have. I joined for one and a half month ago. I love it here at WA and spend many hours communicating with my friends in the community. I learn a lot through this, but I do not progress as fast with my website and the certification courses as I wish I would. I'm not actually that focused on my rank, but it's hard not to read all the interesting blogs and I just want to answer all people who are connecting with me.

I believe I have to focus more on creating my website, otherwise I won't achieve my goals I have set.

Yes, I need to find the right balance, as Nelson recommends.


Hi Shary,
I'm laughing too because that's exactly what happened to me. I was almost at 200 a couple of months ago and reset my priorities. I don't honestly know how people manage both.

I think you made a good choice, I should follow your way. Thanks for sharing.

You cant have it both ways. I need to get off my high WA rank and get those web sites moving. Good action Shary!

Hey, share, I also went through this transition. I spent more time with the community than with my own sites. I had a rank below 50, but my sites were going nowhere... I decided my sites were more important than my popularity so as with you I feel much better now. I wish you much success that will soon be yours.

Hello Shary. I am glad that you can laugh about it. I think that you have to create the right balance between visibility, productivity and helpfulness. I think that the WA system is based on those three things.

I so agree, Nelson. I just got caught up in being social and did not leave enough time to really work on my websites. Plus, I am very into messing with them...the themes, the menu's and such and before I know it the day is over and I forgot to blog. Just getting everything in order took me a bit. It has sure been fun though and I have learned so much. God Bless s

Gee whiz time flys Shary looks like you have very good blueprint,

This is good.

It's great that you love WA so much.
I've always told people don't worry about your personal rank here at WA. Focus on your site and writing content. Because your personal rank here at WA doesn't translate to real rankings outside of WA. So I'm glad you're more focused on that.

Good advice I did not realize the ranking was only on WA


Thanks for the reply I am now going to follow you thank you

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