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July 10, 2017
I am sorry that I have not been welcoming new members or my new followers or new premium members. If I missed you ----Thank you for the follow and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate. If you went Premium---congratulations and you are on the right track.I have gotten a bit behind with a ton of family here for a memorial for my husbands dad's passing. Also, some medical problems that have made me very tired and slowed me down. Hopefully that is all behind me and I can get back to business. I love h
March 22, 2017
Really, I do or let the other side of my personality take over. I have been in Wealthy Affiliat now for getting close to a year. I love it here! I can not say enough about how much I have learned and how helpful everyone is. I have yet to make much money but that is business. I am so glad I went yearly. I wish I would have waited a couple of weeks more to take advantage of the end of the year special but live and learn. The reason I am laughing is I just noticed I am going backward on my
I asked Amazon and here is the response. To me, it makes no sense because if it is not for me or by me then WHY does it not count. I mean people you know trust you and people you do not know most likely don't have trust in you so will not order from you. Anyway, here is the official letter. Amazon Your Account Amazon.comMessage From Customer ServiceHello Shary,This is Christina from the Amazon Associates Program, following up on your inquiry.Orders can be marked because our system recognized th
December 01, 2016
It just popped up that I got my 6 month badge for being here at Wealthy Affiiate. I did not realize it had been that long. I have so much fun being here, most days, that it just does not seem that long. I have meet some wonderful people here. I have learned more in this 6 months and had such a good time doing it that it flew by. I am excited and roaring to continue on this journey into my own successful business. SO I say ---let's Party! I'll bring the balloons and bubbles and we'll Danc
November 26, 2016
I can't get my BF banners to work. I put them in in text mode but still nothing. I am going out of town today to a funeral and will not have much time left to work on them. I will be back tonight but I have already tried everything I know and it has not worked. Not that I know a ton and I should have asked yesterday when I could not get it. Hope springs eternal and I am too stubborn. Thanks for any help.
November 02, 2016
I just went yearly premium. I have been having a bit of a hard time but being at Wealthy Affiliate is the highlight of my day and I wanted to make sure I stayed around long enough to hit the success I know is there. So commitment for a year and by then it will cake and ice cream of course. Let's party dance---whoo-hoo!
I just moved my sub website to the new .com I bought and it worked out just fine. WA is even more awesome than I had thought all along. I hit the button and it did it all the first time and no problems. A wonderful feeling. Many computer things do not work out for me the first time so this was a Happy Dance time. A sit in the chair, careful Happy Dance but one non-the-less. I hurt my left arm in a fall a month ago and now have to get Physical Therapy for it. Today it is very sore! Not t
September 17, 2016
This is a blog I wrote for my website and I decided to share it with the community because I feel WA is such a terrific place to be to learn to make money online and a community that is more then friendly and helpful. I was researching WA because I could not actually work on my site on the computer I was on and I found an interesting site with Pros and Cons of making money online.Pros and they come from people like me who belong to it. The few cons I found were very interesting and most of the
I almost missed it because it was a few days back and I am just getting to some of those emails. So glad I did not just delete. Just did a little happy dance from my chair with silent screams of excitement!!!!!
So after reading some very useful information from several affiliates I managed to add an Amazon store to my site. It did not take me as long as I thought it would and was actually pretty easy. I am all kinds of excited. Now to figure out how to get traffic to my site, that would be helpful. I just LOVE this place!