I apologize!

Last Update: Jul 10, 2017


I am sorry that I have not been welcoming new members or my new followers or new premium members. If I missed you ----Thank you for the follow and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate. If you went Premium---congratulations and you are on the right track.

I have gotten a bit behind with a ton of family here for a memorial for my husbands dad's passing. Also, some medical problems that have made me very tired and slowed me down. Hopefully that is all behind me and I can get back to business. I love having my own business on-line but there is no one to pick up the slack when you are down.

So happy day and all of you Smile.....makes you happy on the inside and others wonder what you are smiling about! Smile and be blessed ;)

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A very nice post Shary. But, do not worry about what you can't do. I have times, mainly due to health, that I get very much behind with communicating on WA. It happens.

It's good to see you again and I hope all goes well for you from now on.

Have a wonderful day :)

NO Worries! I have done the same thing. You will not be able to reach everyone all the time. Do what you can do and take care of yourself. Glad you are back. You be blessed!

No apology needed. I'm sure we are all glad to have you back. Wish you well.

Glad to see you active here Shari. Missed you!

No worries :)

Welcome back. Sending you lots of love...as you start each new day full of grace and strength.

Thank you so much, Aisha. His love, grace and mercy are new each day. God Bless shary

YES! they are...God bless.

Thank you, Aisha. His Grace, Love and Mercy are new every morning and I am so thankful. shary

I am sorry to hear all of the misfortune you have had in your life.

I hope that getting back to work, on your website will help you move on and create the wealth you need.

Welcome back!

Thank you so much for your caring heart. shary

We are all in this together.

Glad you are back and feeling better... great to hear from you, Shary!
Take care,

Thanks, Gerlinde. I hope you are doing well and making big progress on your site. shary

Thanks, I'm doing very well... have not so much time for my websites at the moment because of my new job but I like it and I will continue with WA because I love the awesome community... and I got the job thanks to my website and to my Facebook Page, so this is a huge progress for me... ;-)
Have a great time, Shary...

Gerlinde, that is awesome! I am so glad for you. s

We all have sometimes very demanding off-line lives, I think we all understand;)

I know, real life can really take a lot of time. :) I was just feeling bad because I see all these people following or going premium and by the time I am done reading blogs and stuff I have only time to work on my website and not encourage. The people here are so nice and helpful it is great to be a part of this community. s

I know. I just get behind and tired and it is getting old. I love being part of this community and everyone here is so helpful. A great place to be and to learn. Thanks, Loes. s

It is all understandable. It is what happens in between living your life.

Thank you, Taq'uee.

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