Four Months With Wealthy Affiliate And This Is What I Have To Show For It

Last Update: February 03, 2019

I first came to Wealthy Affiliate by researching another online money making opportunity that sounded way too good to be true. Upon my research I came across my mentor's blog about why the system I was looking at was a scam.

My mentor, DenverS., exposed all the red flags to watch out for, and sent me in the right direction, which landed me right here at Wealthy Affiliate.

I am very thankful for his article, I could have been one of the 1000's of statistics of online scams. So a big huge thank you goes out to DenverS.!!! So far he has earned 2 years of commission from my membership, and I am one very happy member too!

In the Four Months I Have Been A Member These Are My Accomplishments

I have learned a lot!!! I not only have learned a lot here, but I have also been putting my college education to work here as well, and that has been a goal since I graduated in February 2017.

I just knew I would be able to use my degree when I decided to take my courses, finding a job in graphic design with only an associates degree was virtually impossible for me in my remote location. I thought I was going to have to relocate, then I came across WA! Thank my lucky stars!!

I now have a beautiful and functional website that has earned my first sale, with many more in the near future! On this site I have over 30 articles that are indexed and ranked with the big 3, Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Most of them are in the first position on page one, can't ask for more than that!

I completed the OEC training, I still go back and make sure that I understood everything, glad I have access to all this wonderful training and community knowledge as well.

I've bounced in and out of the Top 200 over the past month, I just keep lingering here, which I am totally fine with. I never expected to reach the top 200 in the first place, so being here is a treat.

My network here at WA has grown to 494, I have been growing my network kind of slowly, but I think that is for the best. Having a good strong network here is very important! Learning how to properly grow my network here was the key.

In my social networking outside of WA, I have made a lot of progress as well. On Pinterest I have over 1000 followers with around 1000 views per month, and I have around 60 followers on my FaceBook business page. On my website I have over 80 subscribers. All of these numbers are potential income!

I would have to say that the biggest accomplishments that I have made however, are more personal. I have gained a lot of self-respect, and respect from my daughter. These accomplishments cannot be topped!

Where Do I Go From Here?

My next goals are very simple for the most part.

I want to get more traffic to my website and earn more. I just need to work on more quality content and keep pumping it out.

After I get more traffic and start earning a regular amount from this site, I would then love to branch out and start my Bootcamp training.

I waited to promote WA until I knew for sure it worked, I know WA works so I do not mind promoting them at all!

So this is where I am right now. And I am one very happy girl to say the least!

Thanks for reading my blog and have a blessed Sunday!


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Blue753 Premium
Wow that is wonderful! Do you have any tips? I would appreciate it!
sfortson Premium
My main tip is to focus on the training, and take it step by step, This is my first website ever, and I am so proud of the accomplishements I have made with it. These accomplishements would not have been possible without Kyle's expert training!
When it comes to ranking in WA, just be active in the community, help where you can, and remember to write a community blog at least once a week, more often if your time permits.
Hope this was helpful.
LorraineWhit Premium
wow you have done so much in a short space of time, very inspirational.
Thank you
sfortson Premium
Thank you for reading my blog, I am glad I could inspire you! Thanks for the follow as well, I will follow in return! Here's to success with WA!
CaptMurasa Premium
Wow, that's great! I just started here and to see some successful progress reports brightens my day!

I hope I can continue to follow you as you keep going. Cheers :D
sfortson Premium
Thanks for reading my blog! I was inspired by other members as well, reading their success stories just makes you want to work harder and get some of that success too! :)
Thank you this great share my friend.

You're in the right place for success on many fronts..

Keep moving forward.

Feels great moving onesrds and upwards. Right?

All the best Stacie.

sfortson Premium
Thank you for reading my blog!
I agree, this is the right place, I am so thankful I came across my mentor's blog about WA! No regrets!
SnazzyIT Premium
Wonderful to read and esp where you have gained your daughter's respect. I have three and their belief and support for what I am doing in WA is what matters and keeps me going. Well done!
sfortson Premium
Thank you for reading my blog! My daughter is my whole world as you totally understand :), getting more respect from her puts me on top of the world for sure!