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I got my computer today instead of on Tuesday. But it is here and I am using it now! I missed my Tuesday delivery from FedEx. They said it would be delivered at the end of the day, but they were at my apartment mid morning, and I was at work. I got off early to be home for the delivery, checked my emails on my way to my truck to find that I had missed my delivery by hours. I instantly called FedEx and had them drop it off at the grocery store about 2 blocks from where I work, because I knew it
I have been working on two very old PCs to create my website for the past 6 months. One of them is almost 15 years old, the one I am using for this blog. And the other is about 10-12 years old. Needless to say, they move slower than a Sea Turtle on land.My new computer will arrive on Tuesday and I couldn't be happier or more excited. I have a tablet and a Samsung S6, but when adding images with those it is much trickier. Between the slow moving PCs and the trickery involved in creating blogs on
February 22, 2019
I have a supposed friend on Facebook trying to get me to fall for a scam. What the hell kind of friend is this? I just got scammed out of $1700, like I can afford another scam right now!! I need more friends like I have at WA, at least we look out for one another!! We don't want other member to be scammed like we were, with is going through people's minds these days?I just want to live a normal peaceful life lol.
I first came to Wealthy Affiliate by researching another online money making opportunity that sounded way too good to be true. Upon my research I came across my mentor's blog about why the system I was looking at was a scam. My mentor, DenverS., exposed all the red flags to watch out for, and sent me in the right direction, which landed me right here at Wealthy Affiliate. I am very thankful for his article, I could have been one of the 1000's of statistics of online scams. So a big huge thank y
I know what everyone has been saying about Google +, but the real truth is that they are not shutting down all the way. It is still worth sharing our reviews, blogs, and articles on. Okay, so Google + had a security issue, and the user base was low, this caused Google to put out the report that they were going to disband the Google + platform. What is going on behind the scenes however is a bit different. Google will give Google + an overhaul. They will no longer be aiming at consumers for the
Okay, I have read so many first sales reports, I was getting a bit envious as I had not made a sale yet. I was wondering if maybe I was doing something wrong. My articles are ranked very nicely with Google, I have a fair amount of traffic and subscribers. And still no sales. Then today I went to Amazon to get an idea for a product to promote, and BANG there I see my first earnings of $1.92! Oh yeah, my site is now among the paying sites! I came straight over to write this blog! I am so excited
January 07, 2019
I went to an employee party that I wasn't sure I really wanted to attend. I ended up having a great time, and getting a bonus, I surely did not expect!! I was surprised that the kitchen staff was fed first, and then we all got called to the "corner" which I thought was a very bad thing, thinking we had misbehaved or something LOL!! Then to my surprise and all my fellow cooks as well, we were all handed a bonus and thanked for being the backbone of our restaurant!! My pride beamed, not only for
So I am trying to leave comments for websites on a regular basis right. Well I can usually get like 2 comments in and then run out of sites that have requested comments. And then there are the times like this morning where there are no sites requesting comments. I find this hard to believe with as many members as there are! I also run into the same issue in Site Feedback. This makes earning the 50 credits in 30 days, for leaving comments and feedback very challenging for me. I want to reach 50
Anyone that read my scam story is going to love how this is all playing out right now. I have kept my scammer on the hook, he thought I had deposited a second check to rip me off even more, that check never showed up, but he didn't know hahahaha. Then he sent me two more checks, of which I am sending to the FBI or someone to get finger prints, I have not even opened the envelope.This morning I let him know what my real intentions for his checks are, boy is he ever mad at me lol. He had the auda
I fell victim to a scam that cost me $1700 and a lot of pride. I am not looking for sympathy by any means, just warning people that may not be aware of this particular scam. Being a widow and a mom, I am always looking for a way to make extra money, at the holidays this is extra important. I came across an ad for a vehicle wrap for Fresh Haze IPA, I looked them up, they are very legit. So I respond to this ad, a few days go by and I receive an email informing me that I was chosen for the promot