Vision of Victory

Last Update: Oct 16, 2014


Growing with people who appreciate me no matter what the outcome of my craziness would be, I have loved reading true-to-life topics comprising great accomplishments, money success stories and knowledge-enriching articles that contribute to an individual's HOLISTIC HAPPINESS.

Everything Is Achievable

This is what I believe in where ever faith and love for what I am doing may lead me with God's grace for His Glory!

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” - Napoleon Hill, Author of Think and Grow Rich

Vision of Victory

My vision of victory is - I am at my happiest, I am at my healthiest and I am at my wealthiest to help others in fulfilling the mission for my Master. I am believing to conquer the challenges of the online world with God's divine intervention.

What About You?

If you could put your Vision of Victory inside the frame below, what would it be?


Thanks for reading and thank you for inspiring me daily.



Recent Comments


Nice touch. I like the screen added. Very good job.

Thanks much Donna!

Great inspiration, Jhen! You rock, my friend!

Thanks Carla! You are one of my inspirations, my friend. Cheers, Jhen

Very inspiring blog post Jhen! As long as we believe in what we want to achieve we will achieve it. I have to convince my mom about this, though. She seems to be in some sort of small-ish depression last time we spoke on the phone. Anyway, thank you very much for sharing!

Thanks Muriel! Hope your mom will overcome such depression... will be praying for her to feel better. All will be well!

Yeah it's that money is really really tight for her even though she lives with her boyfriend. Their overall relationship is good. Mom just likes to be financially independent, but she's very insecure to accomplish that without an employer. I suggested for her to look at what things she's good at and do something with that. Well, she would need my help with that. Thanks for your prayers!

I admire your attitude my friend. Yes, she would need your help much. Hope she'll see your success in WA, Muriel. Your website is looking great and it is a pretty good niche. All the best! Cheers, Jhen

I always felt like the responsible child since I was 11 years old. Mom's not from the Netherlands originally, so she needed my help translating those "fancy" letters she got. I corrected her application letters and resumes and so on. So yeah I feel very responsible for her well-being.

Thanks for your compliments about my website. I really appreciate it!

Your Attitude + Your Choices will = Your Life ~ Brian Tracy
Jhen, is there any wonder why you are blessed?

I love Brian Tracy, Phil. A sales guru like you. I am blessed, Phil - because of the wonderful people surrounding me and the wonderful people I am meeting in my journey like you and the WArriors.
Bless you more, Phil!

YES YES YES! Love it dear Jhen . Whatever we believe about ourself and reality will BECOME REAL through us. Let us each believe it is possible to be a success and it is! Namaste. :)))

Thanks Abigail, YES, I believe! And I want to thank you for your website, I've been visiting once in awhile...a BIG THANK YOU for the inspiration!

I am reading "The seven habits of highly effective people" by Stephen Covey.... quote Powerful lessons in personal change

Thanks Cathy, I can relate to that book - that is really a great read. Thanks for sharing, Cathy. Bless you more!

I find with all these good books your never tired of reading them

Yes, I seems that the books are alive in speaking inside of us. Maybe we could collate those and have an Infographics. :)

we certainly could, take a bit of doing but would be worth it

Hi Katie! -

That's a great book!

Are you enjoying it?

Ok, Cathy. Let's see how the consolidated goes...keep you posted. Thanks!

love it second time round with it one of those books you can read time and time again

It most certainly is - and I most certainly have! :)

Thanks Jehn, I love the book "The science of getting rich" from Wallace D Wattles :)

Thanks Loes, I will check that book. Thanks for sharing the title and author. Cheers, Jhen

Hi Loes! -

All these titles being called out!

I have read them all - at least once -- It is like hearing old friends names call out - wonderful! :)

:) I know my own thoughts brought me here on WA:)

I think exactly the same thing Loes! :)

Yes, thank you Jhen for sharing this post. :)

Ok, I like this one :

"Everything Is Achievable.
This is what I believe in where ever faith and love for what I am doing may lead me with God's grace for His Glory!"

We can do all things through Him who strenghten us!!

He is good, faithful and just!! :)

Hi Carol,

Thanks much for an added inspiration! Yes, we can do all things through HIM! Amen to that! God bless you more.


Hi Sergs,
My vision of victory will be like
1. To lead a life which is pleasing in the eyes of our Heavenly Father
2. To have a healthy life,
3. To help the people in need ( especially in trying times like this )
4. To be financially independent

Hi Joel,

Your vision speaks to my heart directly, that's so inspiring! If there is something we can work together, please feel free to let me know.
I love hearing more success coming from you, friend.

Claim your VICTORY!


That's great Sergs. Thanks for the inspiration.

Thanks Xye! Like you I am also a lover of Math. :) Cheers friend, Jhen

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