My best month yet!

Last Update: June 28, 2018

So, last month I had my best month to-date, earning $448.00 from Amazon and some other smaller commissions from my other affiliates.

I just want to encourage anyone who's is getting discouraged to stay with it. You absolutely have to post a lot of content and work on TRAFFIC. Get yourself out there on social media and promote your website.

Good luck to everyone!


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shazzaWA Premium
Well done Shannon. You are so right, you just have to keep at it.

I am having little successes each month also with my website and it has taken a bit of time just to get to that stage.

The way I look at it. If it takes me 2/3/5 years to get my website into rewarding me $1000 to $5000 a month then I am prepared for the long haul.

It is the era of instant gratification. We click on something and we get it now and some people relate that to the fact they join something and they want to be rich in the next few months. Any experienced online marketer knows this isn't the case and it all takes time.

Roll up your sleeves, do the work (consistently) and you will get the pay. It's just the law.

Again well done and I am sure you will better this month time and time again!

Cheers, Sharon
seelady Premium
Well stated! :)
RichBrennan Premium
Well done, Shannon.
All Newbies and anyone you talk to about Wealthy Affiliate need to read this post as it proves that the system works for those who work the system.
In time the cheques will become bigger and more frequent by you've got solid foundations for your business here. Thanks for sharing.
Onwards and upwards!
Rich :-)
CalvinC Premium
Thanks for sharing your advice.

How long have you been an Amazon Associates?
seelady Premium
About 18 months.
CalvinC Premium
Thanks for sharing.

I want to join the Amazon Associates program also, however, I don't think I'm ready yet, I've been an Amazon Seller, I still have my account, but I just pause it now.

I'm looking for the right products to sell and the best way to do so, I believe to be a good Amazon associates is very similar.

It's really exciting to see peoples have found success, it's a good indicator.

Wish you the best.
MKearns Premium
No more lighting problems in SoCal with you at the helm
Steverrill Premium
That's great to hear! Congrats!

Can ask how many months you're at?

seelady Premium
I've been doing this website for a year and a half. Slowly, my commissions have been going up each month. :)
Stella2 Premium
Congrats, Shannon!
Here's to many more, and love the advice! :-)
Shweta10mg Premium
This is great motivation more so your recommendations. Congratulations to your hard work .
Zarina Premium
YES, Shannon, agree so much with you!! People just need to follow the training, focus on work and with traffic will come the sales!

Congrats on your new milestones! Now it's time to break your first $1000 month ;)
Carson Premium
Way to go Shannon, your hard work is really paying off! Keep going, you're doing GREAT!
pinkthistle Premium
congratulations! is nice to hear of the success of others. encouraging for sure! been working like crazy and seeing nothing yet, but posts like this keep my hopes up! thanks for sharing!
HeidiY Premium
Well done, thank you for posting it’s great to see the fruits of someone else labor to keep us trucking along.
dylanrieger Premium