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Hello new members! This is something that really helped me when I was first training. If you are in one of the sessions and you need to go back and look at something you forgot, just open another tab with Wealthy Affiliate so you won't lose your place. You can open multiple tabs to make your life much easier!Ciao!Shannon
June 28, 2018
So, last month I had my best month to-date, earning $448.00 from Amazon and some other smaller commissions from my other affiliates. I just want to encourage anyone who's is getting discouraged to stay with it. You absolutely have to post a lot of content and work on TRAFFIC. Get yourself out there on social media and promote your website. Good luck to everyone!Shannon
I have a website: that I don't work on anymore because I have two other websites that I am very focused on (in addition to my business that I've operated since 1992). It's already up and fully running with several articles already posted. I ran an analytics report this morning and as you can see above, the website still gets a little traffic and even had an active user, even though I haven't posted anything since March. I think this website could be successful if someone
So, what should I do when I have writer's block?Sometimes you just can't think of anything to write about or can't think of the right words to use. Here are some things I do when I have writer's block.First off, it happens to a lot of us so don't get stressed or beat yourself up about it. It will be fine and you'll get your mojo back.The first thing I do when I can't come up with a new topic is I go on an online treasure hunt. I go look at other people's blogs and see what they're writing abou
March 28, 2017
Expanding my connectionsI'm trying to expand my base of followers so I decided to put together this list of all of my websites and connections in one place. Please follow me at all of them and I will be happy to return the favor. Cheers! :)
Someone had posted this a while back and I couldn't find it again, so I thought I would create a blog post to help people with this.To add your Google Ad to your post and easily center it:* Go to Google Ads and highlight, then CTRL-C (copy) your Google Ad text.* Go to the line and place your cursor in WordPress where you want the ad placed.* Type XXXX and click on the "Align center" tool to center it.* Switch from Visual to Text Editor.* Find the "XXXX" and hold down the left mouse button and h
So, we were all taught in English class that you should always type a period and then two spaces before starting your new sentence. Well, not in WordPress because apparently WordPress doesn't like it. I started noticing indentations on my page if the new sentence lined up to the left, and I have noticed it on many other websites on which I have left comments or feedback.Just remember: One space after a period in WordPress. Happy Websiting!Shannon
I joined WA a month ago, went Premium at 5 days in, got my first website up and running two weeks ago, and today I got my first affiliate commission. It's small, but it's a commission! I had received some Google Ad clicks commissions last week, too. This was an exciting day! This is my website:
Sometimes there is no comment box displayed on pages and posts in certain themes. I have noticed that this is a common question, so I wanted to make a little blog with the answer to make it easy:Go to your WordPress Dashboard,Select either "Pages" or "Posts", whichever you want to editThe list of "Pages" or "Posts" will be displayedHover over the “Page” or “Post” you want to editClick on “Quick Edit” (Not “Edit”)Select or De-select the “Allo
October 05, 2015
I had a little scare last night when my visual editor in WordPress was blank and not functioning. I tried all the troubleshooting tips that were listed in the help guides and questions, but couldn't get it to work. Luckily, it started working again on its own, but it made me realize that I've put a lot of time and effort into my content and I really don't want to have to do it all over again. I decided to backup all of my posts into Word just in case. I just went into edit mode on each post, co