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I'm still getting an error in adsense for the ads.txt file?

I'm still getting an error in adsense for the ads.txt file?

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Pay Per Click Marketing

ads.txt error still showing?

Get it fixed asap. I had the same message. I also just got my account back and my site with over 70 blog post they say my site was thin. The next thing i know they removed my site from the AdSense program.

I think it's a Google problem. They need to get their shit together.

You probably right but those goons are something else.

I'm glad you brought this up. I asked the same question a few months ago and it seem nobody really knows the answer to this. It's really strange. When I check the root folder, I have a file named ads.txt and when I check the content of it, it contains exactly what Google Adsense is asking for! So I'm still puzzled about this and still have this annoying pink banner hanging over the est. earnings stats saying "Earnings at risk!".

I had site support fix it a few weeks ago but I'm still getting the error on Adsense. Also when I put the /ads.txt extension on my web address it just downloads a .gz file which I can't open. I've read some of the other users problem with this and it seems there is no fix. Just wondered if anyone else has figured it out.

You can use the Ad Inserter plugin, as you do not want to edit your themes files directly as you will lose your changes when the theme updates or if you change your theme.

If you know what you are doing. I won't use site kit, because it slows down site and stats can be found elsewhere.

Hi you may want to check with support for assistance.


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Can anyone here translate a document that is in russian?

Can anyone here translate a document that is in russian?

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Authoring & Writing Content

The document is either Russian or Ukranian (I think)

My favorite tool to do this is translate.google.com.

I see that you are all set. I am Russian too, in case you still need a translation...

Thanks, I got some help. :)

I can

Awesome! I need to convert to a .jpg or .png

you can send me by email if you'd like annrumy@gmail.com

You are so sweet!

Would this help you?

Thanks, I'll give it a try. :)

Let me know if it works

It didn't work. Some translated, but not enough. :(

Here is another one

Coincidence? I just found a Russian girl!

Send her my way!

I did ask her to take a look here:)

hI, give a look on Fiverr :)

Have you tried google translate
You can translate Russian into English

Yes, but it's a scanned document and it won't work. :(

That's great news - you sorted

Have tried 'googling' Google translate?

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