OMG! This would be the link.

Last Update: Oct 20, 2014


Sometimes I crack myself up!

I realized that it might be good to add the link 3 seconds after hitting publish..sorry..the link is:

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Way to spammy form y liking. I really don't like uninvited pop up videos either. I caught a nasty virus from one of them earlier this year and it has left me distrustful. Thanks for the look in.
Go well from Janelle.

Interesting site, never heard of wizard academy.
Making peace is very important to our existence.

Site looks great, keep up the great work!

I found the pop up ad to be irritating. Thanks for the post.

Well, I watched a bit of it and I am going to watch the rest. Thank you, Satauren!!

I don't wan to rock your boat, but that's way too much waffle; try bigger names such Pat Flynn and Yaro Sparak.

Thx, I will check them out. I'm not sure what waffle is though.

oh English humor lol. It means he talks a lot but offers little substance, but that's my view. Please don't be discouraged, stick with him if you find him okay, but as you grow, you'll want to move on. The 2 names above are internet icons and they'll often tell you who they looked up to and it wasn't Stephen Palmer :) Have a great day!

The misspelling of Soul in the first line just pissed me off. I was also put off by the auto playing pop-up on the page.

Content was OK but nothing life changing.

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