My Real Dreams

Last Update: October 08, 2014

I really haven't touched on this yet, it really isn't my niche at the moment but i still have the domain and i've been writing like crazy and i think 2015 is the year i take it and run with it. I really want to travel the states and interview entrepreneurs that have made it that are unknown at the moment. I love the "i quit my job to do (X)" type of stories and i really feel like there are so many resources (like WA) to make it happen. I have so many ideas for it and it could go either way, hosting events and seminars. I want to just go out and see what else is out there that i haven't been exposed to. I'm still keeping my niche because i need to learn SEO though it and how to market myself. I'm getting better at time management and learning to just do one thing at a time. I'll get there, i know i will. You guys are so amazing.

Friday will be capstone day.

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tmmom Premium
Good luck with your interview project, it sounds like a great idea not only to learn and gather data, but to network with others who have been successful!
Debbi26 Premium
You're young................go for it. Think about how you'll fund the travel though. Sorry, I'm a financial person.
ReneeBecket Premium
Interviews work great for monetization, and you may be able to tie-in the travel bit too. Travel is one of those big niches that work extremely well. Best :)
kholmes Premium
Sounds great!
CarlaIves Premium
I love the idea! It's gonna take some serious funds, though, for the travel. I still think it's great!
sashamanning Premium
I know! theres a program called pave where you can get people to fund your dreams. I might try that and save as much as i can. The first step is to get a DSRL camera.