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I've spent the last three days writing this and correcting as much as i can. I think its time to let another set of eyes critique it also. Last week i checked and i got 146 visitors on my page last week! I was so excited. I'm much calmer now lol. I still have so much to do and i'm back on my first niche also. This week has been wonderful. I also have a few interviews coming up. I can't wait to share it with you guys. :)
My first niche was hair products and spent all this time doing NOTHING on it because that wasn't what i was passionate about. now i want to start it back up again but i think i'm going to do something different and reach out to smaller hair companies. I think i can just find affliate programs that work with youtubers and use their videos (public use right?) and wrtie content along with it..
October 18, 2014
The interview went well. I noticed that I said "hmmmm" a lot and I probably got bit scrabbled on my words but i learned a lot. First Interview
Hey guys! I got my first interview with Till Boadella today on skype. It was wonderful, he reached out to me and it was a 40 minute interview. He said I was a natural :) . i'm still working on it! I've been up since 4 today getting it together. Please leave a comment on it on what you think of it. I made a video on the site and i just want to know what you guys think about it. It took me 10 times to get it right but i'm like "whats the dark circles under my eyes..?" lol i'm
I feel good, I feel like i found the right thing to get me up and working all the time. I'll be at work just thinking about what I'll be doing when I get home. I woke up today with a plan and I'm feeling good about the goals I made this week. *focus on brand *finish part 4 and 5 *re-edit articles on there *set up google ad-sense *keyword hack for more traffic *produce more content on Facebook page *reach out to more entrepreneurs *buy a webcam
So i ranked 5th page on when googled resume proof yourself. I'm did i do this when i just started the blog a week ago. LOL i'm thinking this would have taken weeks. I only have 3 posts on my website. i need to get a life. Anywho, I was thinking about certain keywords people use when they google related keywords with resume. I could try to sneak in "read" as in "how to proof read resume" next time. Seriously, i'm happy and this means if i keep working towards more k
My capstone is done guys! I spent all morning recording my ugly voice and trying to correct as many mistakes as i could. I will warn you, I did get a bit of a tongue twister and my words tied up but none the less its done. Its helping me get over my fear of speaking to people. I'm that person who has the exact words in their head but its all over the place when i speak. There was a video on the capstone that I left as a link instead because its i
October 08, 2014
I really haven't touched on this yet, it really isn't my niche at the moment but i still have the domain and i've been writing like crazy and i think 2015 is the year i take it and run with it. I really want to travel the states and interview entrepreneurs that have made it that are unknown at the moment. I love the "i quit my job to do (X)" type of stories and i really feel like there are so many resources (like WA) to make it happen. I have so many ideas for it and it could go either way, hos
October 06, 2014
Its a freedom writing project where you can use media, writing, quotes...anything. I've been working on it since last week and when i finish want to share it with you guys :). Its basically about my life and what goals i have for 2015 along with personal thoughts too. i should be done around thursday. Its such an eye opener when you get out of your head sometimes.
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