I Just Met Bill Clinton's Intern!

Last Update: January 04, 2015

I had a super exciting morning and would love to share it with you!

Knowing How to Take Advantage of an Opportunity

I am currently looking to buy a second hand car and while I know that ultimately I'm going to end up buying from a dealer, I was looking at my options on Craigslist... I found a car that looked perfect and texted the owner.

We had a back and forth conversation (car didn't work out because it doesn't have cruise control and because I do so much long distance driving, I rely on it...) and I ended up discovering that his background is in small business consulting in psychology.

Figuring that since I never met this guy, I couldn't possible go wrong by embarrassing myself, and asked him if there was a chance we could meet up. I don't have a penny to offer, but would he be willing to 'do a good deed'?

His response was awesome: "I am one of those people who believes everything happens for a reason. Sure."

A Free Meeting that should have cost me $750 (or so)

This was on Friday. We met at Starbucks this morning and had a great meeting!

He really talked me through all the different ideas I've got going on in my head (I'm very creative, but have a hard time with attention to detail and not so awesome at actually taking action) and helped me narrow it down to my one passion - Project SWAG.

While he realized initially that that's what I cared about, he said 'You've got to make money in order to do charity...' Which is true but not what I wanted to hear.

What we decided on is that SWAG doesn't have to be a not-for-profit. I'd rather be busy working on it full time, charge people for its use and help people in the process, than keep putting it off because I don't have the time to invest.

Lev Bayer was really nice and managed to get me a couple of connections who could really help me with a) coming up with a business plan so that I can monetize this program and b) making the appropriate networking connections to promote SWAG.

I'm going to reach out to those people now and I'm excited to see where this goes ;)

Way to start the New Year!

Oh - and he interned for Bill Clinton right out of college. Great title, no?

What About You?

What action are you going to take today that will bring you one step closer to your goal?

Share below...

Cheers to y'all,


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CathyS Premium
This is so awesome!
sarazoldan Premium
Yup :-)
boucherda Premium Plus
Great opportunity
sarazoldan Premium
So thankful for it!
RebeccaAnne Premium
Wow! That is awesome. It's rare to find someone who will give you advise like that for free. Amazing advise too and monetizing may have other benefits as well.
sarazoldan Premium
I know! I thank G-d for this opportunity! Really looking forward to seeing what comes of this.

I know it might sound crazy, but I feel like I needed someone 'big' to tell me - in person - that this dream of mine has a solid foundation and a ton of potential. So, I'm really thankful!
glycogen Premium
Thanks for this Stephanie. What am I going to do tomorrow? Concentrate on getting real affiliate links for my website http://alcoholanddrugstreatmentadvice.com (I have only one "real" one so far). I hate asking people for what I would consider sort of "favours", but they are not really, I know. What will benefit me will also benefit them. I will focus on that tomorrow whatever it takes. Thank you for your blog. It has helped me focus on what I must do next and have been putting off for sometime. Best wishes. Glyn.
sarazoldan Premium
Right on!

The nice thing was I had never met this guy and we had no relationship, so he could have easily just said, 'no'. It wasn't like I was putting him on the spot or anything I almost expected him to do as such. When he didn't I appreciated it!

As we left, I said - "I hope that next time we meet I can pay you."
And his response was - "Sometimes we have to take on the paying jobs that we don't like so that we can take on the non-paying ones we care about."

That really meant a lot to me and is so true!
SowAndReap Premium Plus
Very Cool, sounds like he gave you great advice. :)
sarazoldan Premium