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I'M BACK!!! Hello everyone, I'm Rebecca Anne, I've tried this before and I'm back to try again. I've got a few ideas for niches and





Make my site mobile ready? I cant afford a phone

Make my site mobile ready? I cant afford a phone

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How can I make my site mobile ready without a phone to test it on?

I've looked at it on mobile emulators but they only give so much of the picture. Is there something I c

This link is what I have used to test if my website is mobile friendly. just put your Url in and it does show you how it looks on mobile devices
Hope this helps

I found Craig's training very helpful here
Is your site Mobile Friendly- Should you care?
you should not need a phone to test it

Thanks - I'll look at that one as well :)

Do you have a friend who owns a phone that you could view your website on?

No, unfortunately. some co-workers have them but they could get fired for taking their phone out at work.

At the meet-up I was at last night, it was suggested you visit Best Buy, where you can test on the latest and greatest phones and tablets!
Hope you have a best buy available to you! Any other store that let's you browse live sites will do!

Hi Trialynn - I wish I could but money is tight and getting tighter. I can't afford to even think about a mobile phone until April and even then it will have to be a cheap one and I have no idea how I will afford service for it. Hopefully I will have my site monetized and making money by then.

Best Buy does not charge you to "try" out their phones and tablets. I was merely suggesting you go into the store and look at your website on their phones and tablets, at the store, without buying anything!

Hmm will have to try that. I hope they are not like most places which regulate you to a few pre selected sites

I have been to several, they let you test till your heart is content - no charge, no hassle!

Hmm, nice. Will have to try on my day off next week.

Hello Rebecca, there is an extension for Google Chrome that I use called Ripple Emulator. With it you'll be able to navigate your site using a mobile view to see how different features display.

Thanks I'll use chrome - I'll look for that extension

One way to check is to go to:
and put your URL in the field and click on the "Analyze" button. The page will return results and let you know if your site is mobile friendly...and give you tips on improving it if it is not.

Another way is if you have a Google Webmaster Tools account, you can check by clicking on the Mobile Usability link in the left nav.

thanks I already know that it is not mobile friendly. That wasn't my question. The question is - How can I make it mobile friendly if I don't have access to a smart phone.

Then you don't have a responsive theme. Here is the latest training on changing that:

Making Non Responsive Themes Mobile and tablet Friendly.

thank you!

You don't need a smart phone. I checked both http://introducingartists.com and http://rebecca-anne.artistwebsites.com/ using https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/ and it came back with a reply of “Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly” for both of these sites. Is there another site that you’ve tried with this tool that is showing that it is not friendly? If so, there are tips right there on the page of how to make the site more mobile friendly.

yeah I know I saw that too and though everything was good - but when I actually looked at the http://introducingartist.com on an emulator it didn't look so awesome to me - in fact it looked like the mobile viewer were only given the option of clicking my latest post and nothing else. Also a reviewer here at WA tells me the typeface is too small on a mobile phone. Not worrying about the other site for now.

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