"Climbing Back Out of the Dark"

Last Update: June 21, 2015

Hello to all my wonderful friends at WA. I have been gone for a very long time and am desperately trying to climb back out of the dark. I have not been to my website since the end of February 2015, haven't written a blog, haven't reached out to anyone, haven't helped anyone and just kind of got lost. In February I became very ill with a terrible viral infection in my lungs, however when it first started to come upon me and I went to the ER, they diagnosed me with pneumonia. Now I have had pneumonia at least 6 times due to my low immune system and I know what to do and what to take. This is what I explained to the emergency room doc. After all the breathing treatments, fluid IV's, antibiotics intravenously, and pumped full of prednisone, they sent me home. I went home, got in bed and started my regimen of getting better. After 3 weeks of not getting better and not being able to breath I finally called my doc, went in to see her and she discovered I had an intense and terrible viral infection in my lungs!! She was really on the fence about me and wanted to put me in the hospital, but I would not let her. I had to take care of my girls and keep them going. Yes folks, it was a really difficult time but I pulled through. Shortly after my diagnosis and during my healing process I was told by my landlord that our property was being sold and we had 60 days to move. I was devastated!! We had lived in this home for nearly 13 years, I had landscaped the whole property and had treated the home as if it were my own. I didn't feel that 60 days would be enough time to find a decent home for us especially in the area we lived in because it is so expensive. Well I looked and looked and could find nothing under $2600 a month and they were all dumps. Needless to say I was sad, sick and becoming depressed. It then dawned on me that we would definitely have to make a move out of Napa and go somewhere less expensive even if this meant that the girls had to change schools in the process. Well, we did and we found a beautiful home in a wonderful small town with the friendliest people I have ever met. I know that God had handed me many tasks to follow starting in February but I have come through with flying colors. He always takes care of us and leads in the direction we are supposed to go. My next step will be to get back to my website, get the help I need to get it finished, finish my lessons and keep going. The only way to do this is through faith!! The story will continue and I want to thank all my wonderful friends at WA for supporting me with much love and support. I will see you soon. God Bless you all


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bsmith1222 Premium
Sorry about your troubles. I have had a fungal infection a few years ago in my lungs so I can relate to your struggles. Glad you're back and keep up the good work!
teacup Premium
Oh Wendy, I am so sorry that you have had to go through this. However, I am glad that you are doing better now and also have found a beautiful home for you and your girls. Will be sending prayers your way. Please let the community know how we can help.

TJamil Premium
It's good to see you back here after what you've been through. You have all the support in here.
MisterWailor Premium
Well done, what a fighting spirit. Welcome back.
bullet Premium
Hi Wendy, welcome back to the community. Wow you've certainly been through the mill in the last few months. Onwards and upwards :)