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Hello to all my wonderful friends at WA. I have been gone for a very long time and am desperately trying to climb back out of the dark. I have not been to my website since the end of February 2015, haven't written a blog, haven't reached out to anyone, haven't helped anyone and just kind of got lost. In February I became very ill with a terrible viral infection in my lungs, however when it first started to come upon me and I went to the ER, they diagnosed me with pneumonia. Now I have had pneumo
Hello everyone here at WA!! It has been a while since I have written anything or visited my website, however I am back. In December I became very ill and had to go into the hospital with a severe viral lung infection. Right before I became sick I had been working on perfecting my website and still studying my lessons. I almost gave up on my work here at WA, but then I remembered how important this community was to me and how I had been scammed and ripped off for thousands of dollars by another
January 17, 2015
I have been missing in action for about 3 weeks now and I have really missed all of you at WA. I think for some reason I went into a very deep funk, was becoming confused on many things with my website and kind of sort of became a bit depressed. I actually almost gave up, but listening to all the wonderful stories from great people I am trying to get my motivation back up and running. This is sometimes the road that life takes us on and we must be prepared to lift our selves up and continue on
December 25, 2014
It's Christmas around the world and all children are dreaming and waiting with baited breath for that jolly old man with the beard and the twinkling eyes named Santa to come down the chimney and bring them gifts. Oh how I remember those days!! It was a night of magic and dreams, leaving out cookies for the mysterious visitor who would make us happy in the morning. The excitement and wonder and then hopping up out of bed on Christmas morning with joy and delight to see what he had brought us. It
December 23, 2014
As I sit before my computer and reflect on this last year that passes us, I realize that we all need to be kind, gracious, caring, compassionate and thankful for all the love that surrounds us. Not only at Christmas, but everyday all through the year!! I look back at all my trials and tribulations and also realize that there is a reason for everything and everything for a reason. If I had not been scammed by the website company I was scammed by, I would not have found WA nor would I have found
December 12, 2014
Today is December 12, 2014 and yesterday my best friend passed away. I am sad and overwhelmed with grief, yet I know this was the best outcome and God always has a reason for these things. My friend was beautiful, kind, caring, loving and always there for me, 24/7. She knew everything about me, the good and the bad, all my hopes and dreams. She loved me unconditionally all the days of her life. I knew her 12 years and wished I could have known her longer. The doctor did everything he could to s
December 04, 2014
As I was sitting outside on my patio this morning watching the rain and the birds eating from their feeders, I looked back through my life and all the chapters in it. I realized in that moment that lives are like chapters in a novel and each person has a story to tell. In each chapter we can do one of two things; we can either learn and grow from each of those chapters or we can stay stagnate and never write another chapter again!! I choose to write more chapters, see the wondrous things that a
November 22, 2014
Hello everyone!! It is a beautiful Saturday here in the Napa Valley. Autumn has come, the trees are in brilliant colors and life is good!! As I look back through my life and reminisce about the different stages of life I think of my life as a novel. Through all the trials and tribulations I am still here and still on top of the world!! I am rich in so many ways. I am raising two beautiful girls, I can see, hear, smell, walk and I am so blessed in so many ways. I do know it was through God's han
November 11, 2014
Hello folks, I did it!! I made it through Course 2, yay!! Two days ago I was becoming quite frustrated with myself and thinking I really wasn't making any progress. I was having problems getting the Google authorship done and was just about ready to give up, when I did it!! If I look back and think about the fact that I only started on October 24, 2014, that I knew absolutely nothing about how to build a website and absolutely nothing about SEO's and rankings, etc., I am very proud of myself an
October 25, 2014
Well, it is 12 midnight October 25 on a Saturday night and I have been working hard on my website for the past 5 hours. I have done a lot of editing, re-writing and thinking and, boy am I tired!!! However, it is a good kind of tired. I really feel like I may have gotten something accomplished here. All of you here at WA have given me so much love, support and encouragement and I just want to say "THANK YOU"!!! I really was starting to beat myself up wondering why I couldn't seem to get out of m