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Well, I'm probably making a massive error of judgement even writing this today, because the lkely outcome runs counter to my intention, but here goes nothing...I logged in today and saw my rank had shot to 56. Many people would I'm sure be delighted and over the moon and would probably broadcast the fact. I kinda pulled my hood up over my face and hid, like a tortoise popping back in its shell.My exact thoughts were, 'Oh crumbs.. people are going to think I know what I am doing!' followed by
I have so many questions this week that that is, I'm afraid, what my blog is going to consist of so hold onto your hats for my top 10 questions about WA that are driving me nuts. OK, there's not actually 10. There are four key ones right now which are really holding me back from navigating the platform and keeping up to speed with messages and answers to questions I have. If anyone knows the answer to these, and I'm sure you do, please enlighten me.1 How do I organise book marks? Why is th
March 18, 2019
So I asked for site feedback recently, which I got, and gave in return and mostly it made me very happy.Then, I found a message which made me go cold;"You website looks cute and fun! Just noticed though, the ads or links you included in the about page was not really a good fit, e.g. bitcoin or financial advice. Would be great if you included related and relevant links/ads in the post itself."I don't have any adverts for bitcoin or financial advice! I don't have ANY adverts at all!!BUT, what I d
I'm jumping way out of my comfort zone here and asking members to spam me with their reccomendations for think rich grow rich, power of attraction type podcasts.I would ask for book recommendations, but I know I won't read them. But I would listen to a short podcast each day.Bear in mind please, I am British and us Brits are not good with woopwoop stuff, in fact it can make us physically ill. I watched the film 'The Secret' and I enjoyed it for 2/3 of its running time but then it started to g
I don't have the biggest network at WA. In fact currently there is a grand total of 205 of you, the elite, the enclave, the cohort, the magic circle, the chosen few. I'm just kidding with all these grand titles of course but I have a serious point. I'm going to admit, I don't reach out to too many people on here and there are several reasons for this. The primary reason for me is because I have found so many disappear. I have no idea right now how many of the 205 are even still active. M
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Has anyone here used the WP theme 'Estrella' please? I have spent a good part of the day customising it to my site as the theme I currently have doesn't really fit my niche. When I went live, the photo sliders were the default ones and therefore nothing to do with my niche! I had assumed (WRONG!) that by leaving them blank they wouldn't appear, but to my horror and dismay they did. Is ther a way to disable them that will not affect the performance of the site?Everything else about it is jus
February 07, 2019
The past couple of days I have been concentrating on training, the Kyle official program as well as wandering about WA picking up training others have made. This has been brilliant! Thank you to all who have helped! I have found some fabulous people to follow and learned great things from them, so again, thank you to all! I have also been writing posts however my biggest frustration is still images. I have been using the insert image facility and free images available within Site Content, b
January 30, 2019
Yay!! Only taken me two years but finally completed level 2 of the training!! Of course I spent most of that time slackig, avoiding, investigating other avenues blah blah... Imagine what I could have done if only I'd applied myself. Here's to knuckling down and doing things properly :-)
January 30, 2019
Can I ask a favour please? Would anyone be kid enough to add a comment on either of the posts on my site? I posted a request on the Give & Take request thread as per the training and although I left comments on three other sites, so far I didn't have anyone return the favour so I'm feeling a little bit deflated. If you leave a comment for me I will return the favour if you would like me to. Simply drop your links on this thread.My links are:
Ok, so it's not Elvis, it's just little ol' me. Can't believe it's a year since I last gave this a go, but it's like anything I guess, the longer you avoid something the harder it becomes to just bite the bullet and jump back in.So, where have I been, why did I go and how come's I'm back??The truth is I got frustrated and became unsure if this is the right thing for me. I started out with the desire for a series of affiliate marketing sites where I would present and review products, visitors