Still struggling with images

Last Update: February 07, 2019

The past couple of days I have been concentrating on training, the Kyle official program as well as wandering about WA picking up training others have made. This has been brilliant! Thank you to all who have helped! I have found some fabulous people to follow and learned great things from them, so again, thank you to all!

I have also been writing posts however my biggest frustration is still images. I have been using the insert image facility and free images available within Site Content, but I can't see a way to resize these so they fit with my text. If anyone can point me at some training in this regard I would be so grateful.

I can't work out however if I should simply publish text-heavy posts to my website or wait until I have my image problems sorted out. This is frustrating as at regular intervals in the training (I am on level 3 now) Kyle instructs you to write and publish a new post. I feel that I am not following the training in a beneficial way if I don't publish, and published one article with no illustrations at all and I think it suffers greatly from the lack of visuals. I have another one now waiting in the wings and I am desperate to progress but don't feel I can publish it without images.

I'm just putting this out in my network and hoping for some advice!

Please help!


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