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Last Update: March 06, 2019

I don't have the biggest network at WA. In fact currently there is a grand total of 205 of you, the elite, the enclave, the cohort, the magic circle, the chosen few. I'm just kidding with all these grand titles of course but I have a serious point. I'm going to admit, I don't reach out to too many people on here and there are several reasons for this. The primary reason for me is because I have found so many disappear. I have no idea right now how many of the 205 are even still active. Most, but not all are premium members, so I am going to assume the ones who are still showing as basic members, particularly those I connected with back in 2016, have probably left. I left too of course, but I came back and I know many of you have done the same thing.

Rightly or wrongly, selfishly maybe, (please chime in with your comments here), I have decided to surround myself with successful people and hope to both learn more from them and for some of that success to rub off on me. So what does success look like for me?

Well, making a decent income from blogging so I no longer have to work outside the home. That really is my one true goal. Am I looking for 6 figure fortunes? Probably not, but if I ever achieve them of course it will be life-changing and I would be over the moon but it is honestly not what I came here for.

Success for me has many forms and I have wonderful people in my network who inspire me and they too are not making vast fortunes, or any money at all in many cases, but every day I see them overcoming barriers, learning new things, being empowered, stretching out of their comfort zones, sharing good news from their personal lives, weddings, babies, defeating illnesses and to me each of these things is every bit as much of a success as hitting a 4 figure month, or a 5 figure.

The second reason I don't reach out often is also a bit of a selfish one. The more connections you have here, the more interuptions and opporrtunities to meander off down a side-path. I'm talking about distractions, and I am easily distracted. To succeed, I have to be focused, so I apologise now if I seem aloof, if I don't comment on your posts, if I never 'live chat', and (hangs head in shame) if I don't always respond to requests for help. I'm going to be honest though, 95% of what people need help with I don't have an answer to. The other 5% can usually be answered in the training program provided by Kyle, but I promise right now, that once I am in a more comfortable place with my own site I WILL post training of my own and I WILL be there for anyone who needs me.

So, I have one favour to ask, if you are in my network, and you see this post, pop a thumbs up on it. Don't feel obliged to comment unless you want to. You see, I don't want to distract you either, I guess and I sincerely hope that you are all just so focused on success that you don't want to risk meandering off the path either. I just want you to know that I am thinking of you all and urging you all on to your success.

Wishing you all the best


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apache1 Premium Plus
Hi Ruby I felt that was a wonderful post and your reasons are true

Yes there are many from the earlier days where some may have left or a just dormant in WA but they could still be working on their true goals more and that is working on their websites.

Yes, there can be many distractions as well being here a lot but also many benefits are there too.

Helping and supporting others and knowing that you are doing this from the heart is a super benefit to oneself as well as to knowing you have made a difference to them along their journey in life and not just as a website owner either.

Just continue to believe in yourself and enjoy your life the way it is meant to be with honest, love and kindness and that in itself will take you far and worth more than money itself.

After reading this I am honored that you have followed me as well and always know I am around to help you should you need it

Keep going forward Ruby and just stay your awesome self



PS love the Unicorn image as well