Willing to try an experiment

Last Update: March 08, 2019

I'm jumping way out of my comfort zone here and asking members to spam me with their reccomendations for think rich grow rich, power of attraction type podcasts.

I would ask for book recommendations, but I know I won't read them. But I would listen to a short podcast each day.

Bear in mind please, I am British and us Brits are not good with woopwoop stuff, in fact it can make us physically ill.

I watched the film 'The Secret' and I enjoyed it for 2/3 of its running time but then it started to grate on my English nerves. It was just too mumbojumbo for me. I'm looking for something a little more practical, (the picture of the universe is ever so slightly tongue in cheek).

I'm looking for recommendations which have a proven track record so whilst it is fabulous that you may have just written an ebook yourself, please recommend me the top experts in this field first. No offence, but I'm unlikely to repeat this experiment so I want something tried and tested.

There, I've said it. I need help with my powers of positive thought, I want to feel deserving of a whole heap of money coming my way and I want to believe in a better future. And I want it all to happen really soon.

Now, if it's ok with you all, I'll slip away for a china cup of Earl Grey and a scone.

Thank you :-)

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Twack Premium
If you're up for it, you could try watching or just listening to the videos of Esther Hicks. If it is the 'directions' rather than the delivery then this is quite 'on point' for what you are asking. Not everyones cup of tea but then I prefer PG.
rubyandally Premium
Thanks for the response Twack, I'm open to suggestions
Twack Premium
Very welcome.