Going ever so slightly nuts

Last Update: April 25, 2019

I have so many questions this week that that is, I'm afraid, what my blog is going to consist of so hold onto your hats for my top 10 questions about WA that are driving me nuts.

OK, there's not actually 10. There are four key ones right now which are really holding me back from navigating the platform and keeping up to speed with messages and answers to questions I have. If anyone knows the answer to these, and I'm sure you do, please enlighten me.

1 How do I organise book marks? Why is there no scroll bar on book marks?

Whenever I want to catch up with the SAC thread I have to open the pm Kyle sent, find the link and follow it from there. I have book marked the thread, you can see the little star on at the top, but I can't reach the thread without opening my mail.

Below is a screenshot of my bookmarks. I know I have many more than this, much of which I really probably need to access but there is no scroll bar so I can't see anything below the screenshot here:

I have bookmarked really valuable training that I need to return to from time to time, but I find myself having to search for it over again. Sometimes I can no longer find it. It would be great if I could just put my finger to these great resources that I so lovingly bookmarked and tagged.

If you look to the right of this screenshot, you can see I have even scrolled down on my computer's scroll bar, but still I can't see any more bookmarks. The window in the centre of the picture does not move no matter what I do.

2. If I ask a question, where can I get an alert that someone has answered it?

At the moment the only way I know is because I get an email in my yahoo account. I then have to open it and follow the link when I would really rather not have email open while I'm working because of all the other distractionary emails that come in. (There may also be a number by the bell icon, but when I open my messages, nothing corresponds to it, see question 3)

3. When I get an alert on the little bell icon, why do I have to guess what it might be referring to because when I click on it there is no new information?

It generally shows the same profiles who have recently started following me as it did the last time I opened it. I then have to guess which thread I have commented on that might have an update for me. Is this the same for everyone or am I missing something?

If I turn off email notifications will they appear in my messages on WA instead? Or will I imply never get them at all?

Back to the little bell icon saga... When I click on the bell I just get, typically, this:

But I do know those bells mean someone somewhere has tried to communicate with me, but the only way I will find out is in my yahoo email. Is this the same for everyone or am I missing something?

4. When I select 'view all' in my inbox there is a notification of a reply to a question from six days ago. I have had answers to several questions since then, but none of them show here. Why?

The one I am referring to is from BabsieRocks, 6 lines down in grey. I replied to her comment at the time on the comment thread. What makes her answer show up here but not others?

I am finding it so hard to keep up with the extra work with SAC that simply not being able to navigate around the site, even after all this time of being a member, has reached a point where it just no longer seems feasible to me.

That is not me being purely negative, it is my brain simply saying, 'won't compute'.

I await your pearls of wisdom.

Now for some beer to go with those nuts. I really feel I've earned it today.

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Talk2Ray Premium
Now you have me wondering too... Looking for answers too.
Good question Ruby.
rubyandally Premium
Is it not just me then Ray? I keep thinking there must be some secret to it that I haven't figured out and everyone else is slickly surfing the platform with all their ducks in a row.
Linda103 Premium
Will be interested to know these questions too for future reference.
manna4star2 Premium
Yes, very good questions. The first one I have been wondering about myself, How do I find all of the items that I have tagged?

One thing I started doing,, I use Google chrome on my PC and set up a folder for WA divided into sub-folders where I save a lot of the training's I read. How to's, TOOLS, and Community members websites if I need to refer to them.
I think something like this would be excellent for saving tags.

On #4, My Notifications, Once I go through my emails I always go back to the Bell and open it and mark all of the notifications and them mark them Read. Then Close and it clears the Bell.

rubyandally Premium
Hi Sonny, I used to do that with notifications but it is selective about what notifications appear there and I can't for the life of me work out why some do and some don't. I thought perhaps it was just the ones where the buttons ask if you need community help with something, ie when you post a question on a thread. But nope, doesn't correlate.
RosanaHart Premium Plus
Regarding being a little nuts, in my family that was always considered a good things. I remember my dad sometimes saying of a friend, "He's very nice, but he is so normal"
rubyandally Premium
Same here Rosana, but there is a big difference between being a bit nuts naturally and being driven mad by a system that makes no sense.
RosanaHart Premium Plus
. Sorry to distract you from your concerns!
Cherry21 Premium
Great questions. Let's see what your response are. I will check back. Thank for the post. Be Blessed.
rubyandally Premium
Thank you hunny! Do you have any of these issues? Is it just me? Thank you for your kind blessings, I need them today. Be blessed also x