Elvis has re-entered the building!

Last Update: January 23, 2019

Ok, so it's not Elvis, it's just little ol' me. Can't believe it's a year since I last gave this a go, but it's like anything I guess, the longer you avoid something the harder it becomes to just bite the bullet and jump back in.

So, where have I been, why did I go and how come's I'm back??

The truth is I got frustrated and became unsure if this is the right thing for me. I started out with the desire for a series of affiliate marketing sites where I would present and review products, visitors would click through to vendors, and I would get a financial kick-back on products they buy. Going through training it became evident, to me at least, that WA is perhaps not the place for this type of website as the training was taking me down the path of blogging. But I want to blog about products, which I haven't got yet, and no affiliate programs would want to partner with a blog with no content, so I was in a downward spiral.. Until I disappeared altogether.

Don't know if it's the New Year New Start syndrome or the ever increasing resentment and frustration with the day job (ie employment), but I'm going to give this another shot. I've thought long and hard and I am going to mould this opportunity to fit the business I want. So here I am, jumping in the deep end with Google AdSense and really stuggling to make head nor tail of it! Or should that be <head> nor tail??

I've read some training on here, (thanks guys!) but I'm still out of my depth in this deep end, treading water, waiting for the 15 year old tech guru to come home from school and save me. If anyone else would like to jump in and help, I can tell you the water is lovely and there is one of those swim-up bars here where they pop an umbrella in your drink and nothing is too much trouble. I'd be lying though ;-)

If anyone is free however to help me connect my website to AdSense, grab your speedos, there's a pina colada with your name on it waiting at the bar.

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LCEndahl Premium
Welcome back. Stay focused and determined, It won't happen over night, but it WILL happen.

I struggled with AdSense too... =) Laura
rubyandally Premium
Hi Laura

Thanks for your kind words of encouragement, I really appreciate it. I went through Bellabs's training but I think the wordpress dashboard has gone through some updates since so it didn't look quite how I expected.

Anyway, as predicted, the 15 year old came home and within a couple of seconds of clattering the laptop keys, it's all done!

Best regards

Alison xx