Understanding Google's Page Speed Insights

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Troubleshooting on Slow website

Further to discussion at: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/everything-wordpress/optimal-number-of-plugins-to-have/comment/20007811

You are gonna regret checking up on me regarding this, YanFellow!!! hehe :)

I'm kind of grappling with this blindly ...

I disabled some plugins, it didn't make a difference.

So checked under Site Details: one hour, most are green; the next hour, everything's all amber and red!

I clicked through to read Google's Page Speed insights:

(1) it says "Remove render-blocking JavaScript"

... and gave a list of links. They're all Media Net links! Should I remove the verification code in the headers?

(2) It says "Optimise CSS Delivery of the following:

https://fonts.googleapis.com/…eesatz%3A200%2C300%2C400%2C700&ver=4.9.8" ... I don't even know what this is!

(3) It says "Optimise images":

They're all Media Net ads again!

And I've scanned them already with EWWW image optimiser. It won't optimise more unless I upgrade!

(4) It says "Leverage browser caching"

... most of the links cited were again Media Net! And I don't know how to leverage browser caching!

(5) Reduce amount of HTML ... above-the-fold

It says "Your page requires additional network round trips to render the above-the-fold content. For best performance, reduce the amount of HTML needed to render above-the-fold content."

... errr ... ~~birds tweeting over my head~~

(6) It says "Minify Javascript"

errr ... ~~birds tweeting over my head, preying on each other~~


I am currently spending my time trawling WA's training blogs for step-by-step solutions to the above.

If there are none available, may I please beg for short mini-trainings (step-by-step) for resolving each of the above please?

The trainers here at WA have my full admiration and respect for being able to wade through all this stuff and make sense of it all.

I think I need a shot of vodka now ... I'm taking a break and will be back to tackle it all anew.

I apologise for the lengthy reply, YanFellow!

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Use GTMETRIX.com it's much better thank google insights if i'm not mistaken they give you the images optimized which begs the question do I really need to have the ewww plugin.

I've only just learned of this whole section of web building today so I'm right there with you on learning and my site is apparently very low on speed. Glad I've found it though and hope this helps

Thanks GV! Will check it out.

Help! I've created a monster! :-)

I don;t really know how to tackle that technical stuff. Most of the suggestions and the links below suggest optimising images, as large images tseem to be the biggest probklem by far.For my site it was.

The Details tells you exactly which images could be reduced and by how much so I'd suggest doing that first. There are several issues connected with images and I don;t think you can rely on the Image Optimiser plugin to do the whole job.

My images usually have a max size of 300px on the longest side. I reduce their quality in an editor and then run them through tinyjpg.com. They are typically each under 20Kb although, of course, the size deends on other factors.

The other factor that can affect page speed is ads as they are typically pulled in through another server. If you run the speed chack at differnet time, you wil likely get different results. For a consiostent reading you need to disable the ads - which can be a pain. I have AdSense and just leave them on but my speed figures are usually OK.

Another consideration is the speed of your hosting server. You're probably hosting at WA which should be fine but I've noticed variations in speed at different times so if you check during a busy time - when the whole world wants to read out pages :-) - speed may be slower.

Hope that helps,

Thank you! Yes, I'll try to compress all my images to 20k where possible.

In the Details, Google tells you how much each image can be reduced by.

Perhaps it's those Media Net ads that are causing the problems. Check your site speed after you remove the ads.

You may be right ... though I had been experiencing issues before I'd put them up.

But will do everything suggested and slowly narrow it down.

Thank you :)

how do I find the URL of my privacy policy?

In your website get it up on screen and the URL should show in your Broswer Box

You may want to check these awesome post and training on the subject matter:

1. 2. 3. Hope that solves your problem.


Thank you, Joe ... will work my way through those ... really appreciate it :)

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