Wealthy Affiliate Conference 2019 Video + Pictures: Visualize Your Success!

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Hello friends!

I have just published an exciting 107-second video of the Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas conference on my YouTube channel “Roope Kiuttu - Internet Marketing Coach”.

You can check it out there!

I believe in the power of visualizing and seeing things happening in your mind before they happen in the real life.

My favorite motivational speaker Jim Rohn taught,

"When should you start building this hotel?

As soon as you have it finished.

Actually, it would be quite stupid to start building a hotel before you have a finished picture of it in your mind.

Let's say that you just start laying bricks and they come to ask you "What are you doing?"

If you just answer, "I'm just laying bricks." they'll take you to a safe place! ;)

So, it's crucially important to see the end result in your mind before it becomes real in the real life."

I'm sure that my video and the pictures below will help you.

When you first see the things in your mind, then taking action becomes easier and your mind will automatically look for ways to take you there. It's quite powerful.

How to Remove the White Blocks From The Video?

I have a question for you.

How can I remove the white blocks from the left and the right sides of the video?

I've tried to make sure that all the videos clips and pictures that are shown in the video are in the landscape but it still creates those blocks.

I tried creating the video first with VivaVideo App (that worked well for me before) and then with Quik App.

Any tips would be appreciated! Please, leave me a comment below if you have a recommendation how I could remove the white blocks and which app you'd recommend.

It's a bit strange because when watch the video on my phone, it doesn't show the blocks but when I upload the video to YouTube, it adds them.

Wealthy Affiliate Conference Pictures

Here are some highlights from our Conference. Enjoy!

(sorry, some pictures are a bit blurry, need to buy a real camera at some point!)

In the first picture we're eating the dinner in the restaurant.

I don't exaggerate by saying that I have never experienced so delicious food catering over the course of couple of days. It was just awesome.

We had our meetings in Kyle's & Carson's 5-star skyloft where we discussed about the upcoming improvements for the Wealthy Affiliate platform and community.

One evening there was a professional magician performing in the skyloft doing his tricks with cards, coins and stuff. He was very skillful.

In the next pictures you'll see some of the food that we had for the farewell evening. Nobody was left hungry! ;)

The place for the farewell party was a HUGE hotel "room". It was literally MASSIVE with amazing views and all the decorations.

In the next one I'm with Kyle & Carson, the founders of Wealthy Affiliate. Big Thank You for K & C for arranging the Vegas Conference and also for helping us all to earn money online with

And in the last picture I'm with Nathaniell who originally referred me to Wealthy Affiliate in 2015 through his website. A huge thanks to him for all his support over the years.


I hope you have enjoyed reading my Vegas posts and if you're working on your Affiliate Bootcamp site, I hope to see you there next year.

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Let me know in the comments below.

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Thanks Roope. Looks like you guys had a great time. Thanks for sharing pics and videos. Makes it come to life.

Yeah, amazing time! :)

You can share anything with us you like you are awesome
a Super Affiliate like you deserves the best!!
Thank you so much for sharing all the photos I have
enjoyed these so much!

Wow thank you so much Susan

Thank you for taking us through the Vegas experience. This is quite motivating.

Glad to hear that Edgar

Thanks for sharing your pictures. Congrats on your success! Eliza

Thank you Eliza

"LiKe!" ... looks like it was a Wonderful WA-egas Winning Event!

Sure enjoyed the visuals!

Now it makes it seem 'real' vs 'virtual' .....

Thanks so much for sharing with us today! .... :)

Thank you Keisha, much appreciated!

Hello! Roope,

Nice to see the photos. You really had a great time.

When I see these photos, it make me get encouraged to what is possible.

You have done it and you say we can do it too. I’m very much encouraged.

BTW, I watched the video.
How is the video showing when you hold the phone landscape?

I think you recorded the video with the phone upright or square mode. That’s why you can’t get a full screen when it’s played on Youtube.

So, not much can be done because of the aspect ratio of the phone.



Hi Smart, I recorded all the videos in the landscape mode as I mentioned above in the article.

However, it still shows the borders. I'm wondering why...

I suspect the aspect ratio for the camera is different from YouTube’s. I think YouTube uses 16:9.

I will read on this to see if there is a solution to fix this.

This is something I need to know also in case I may face the same situation in future.

Hopefully we will know and solve the problem.


Yeah, I'm confused because before it worked perfectly with Vivavideo. It may be because I mix video and the pictures. Maybe I need to leave the pictures away in the next video and try

Probably that may be the problem. All in all the pictures tell the story. Beautiful pictures.

You said it right. Let’s visualize and take action. That’s powerful!

You have nice videos. I will be watching them and get some tips.

Cool, I can't wait till 2020, see you there!

Yeah! See you there!

I'm so glad to see a lot more stories and photos from this Vegas Conference than usual. Really helps us visualize the success better :)) Thanks Roope!

My pleasure :)

Thanks for sharing your pictures from Vegas, looks like a great time! Congrats on your success.

Thanks Jenny!

Great shots Roope, I felt like I was there!

Happy to hear that Kaju :)

Would you have tips on removing the white blocks from the sides of the video?

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