Every $1 You Invest in WA Brings You $100 in Return

Last Update: September 26, 2020

Recently, I just paid my 4th yearly membership on Wealthy Affiliate.

And I was actually happy to do it, lol!

Am I normally happy to spend about $300 on something?

No, definitely not! We didn't had much money when I was a kid so I learned to be frugal and save every cent that I earned.

However, in 2014 I started listening to some successful entrepreneurs from Finland (my home country) and one of them often said something like this, "Every single $1 that I have invested in my own education has brought me at least $100 in return."

It started a little mind shift process in me...

I Did Not Want To Upgrade To Premium!

But still in 2015 I hardly, very reluctantly paid the first $19 for the Wealthy Affiliate premium membership. Even though for that $19 I would have been able to get ALL the premium membership benefits on Wealthy Affiliate (see the image below):

The reason was not that I did not have the money. I had plenty enough because I have always been a hard worker since a young age. My mother raised me well and reminded to work diligently! ;)

But the reason why I didn't want to spend that $19 on WA was that I had learned to be very frugal and save every cent.

  • I was riding a 15-year old women's bicycle because I didn't want to buy a new bike. Buying a car was completely out of question because that would have been a complete waste in my frugal mindset.
  • I had the cheapest laptop that I was able to find in the store (and I used that one to build an online business!)
  • I always chose the cheapest food from the supermarket
  • -> I was like a money-saving machine. I didn't spend money on anything useless but at the same time it was holding me back!

After listening more successful people, I realized one thing...

#1 - Invest In Yourself

It is wise to INVEST MONEY AND TIME in yourself and on other good investments (real estate, in your own business, stocks, etc.)

Instead of always saving money, I realized it's good to put the money somewhere from your bank account where it will make a profit for you.

The most successful investor of all time, Warren Buffett, said,

"Ultimately, there's one investment that supersedes all others: Invest in yourself"

I've noticed that it's true what they said, "Every $1 that you invest in yourself makes $100 in return in the long run."

That's why I think that every $1 that YOU invest in the Wealthy Affiliate training and tools brings YOU $100 in return.

I still have sometimes challenges to admit that because of my old 'frugal mentality' but the results don't lie. I just need to admit the reality, Wealthy Affiliate training really works. It worked for me, it has worked for many friends here and it has worked for 1,000's of other people all over the world.

Investing in yourself brings you HUGE returns. Even much better than the stock market or the real estate.

Recently, I've also bought tickets for a couple seminars/conferences for the next year. I want to invest more money in learning.

#2 - Apply What You've Learned

Investing money in yourself is the first step but the most important step is to APPLY WHAT YOU'VE LEARNED.

Watching Wealthy Affiliate training videos will not help you any further unless you start taking action.

You will start making money online when you take a consistent action.

A positive thing when investing money in yourself is also that it makes you also more committed to taking action.

I remember when I, as a frugal man, paid my first yearly membership... I was thinking, "Man! If I pay $359 for this yearly membership, I must take all the benefits of it!" It gave me more 'pull' to really make things happen and achieve the 'laptop lifestyle' that I am now happily living.

If you are still with a free account, take a step forward and start investing in yourself.

Go premium by clicking the link below for just $19 and it can make you 100x returns ($1,900) in the long run.

=> Take an IMPORTANT Step To Your Success and Upgrade To The Premium!

It's less than $0,65 per day for the first month...

Imagine if you would make, for example, $2,000/month passive income after 1 year. How much would it be worth for you?

Imagine how your life will change in 1 year...

  • Freedom to work from home
  • Travel wherever you want
  • Have more money for your loved ones, etc....
  • Wow! Anything is possible to you!

Below you can see some pictures from my travels.

Wealthy Affiliate has given me a lifestyle that before I just dreamed of. It was just a misty dream when I got started here but nowadays it's a reality.

I always like to say, "If I can do it, YOU can do it. If I can start from nothing, YOU can start from nothing. If I can change my life, YOU can change your life."

Anyway, if somebody does not want to invest even $0,83 per day in their own future, I think it's better for them to go to McDonald's to make some burgers, right? ;)

If you are from the U.S., Europe or any Western country, you earn that $0,83 back in less than 5 minutes in most jobs. Even in 3rd world countries you earn $0,83 fairly quickly. And imagine what kind of impact it can have in your life if you invest it in the Wealthy Affiliate premium membership!

Let's Not Spend Money Aimlessly, Let's Invest in our own future!

=> Invest In Your Online Business By Going Premium Today!

Tell me about yourself!

Do you like investing money in yourself?

Have you also had a frugal mentality like I had or have you been a spender?

I'd love to hear from you below!

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RichieR Premium
BuBut I live in the USA, not Finland, will it still work with conversion anand everything? Just kidding. Great post!!!
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
Hahaha, you gave me a good smile! All the best! ;)
Marley2016 Premium
Now, this is one great blog post and in reality, I never
quite looked at things this way. Do not know who
taught you this valuable lesson but my hat off to
them. And looks like following that advice has given
you $100 return on the $1 it cost you :)
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
Thank you my friend! All the best to you!
EandS2018 Premium
We really enjoyed this post .Everything you said is so true .Thank you for sharing these pictures .How exciting for us all to know we determine our future .Thank goodness !
Elaine and Scarlett
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
Yeah, that's so powerful that we can determine our future. I think I still need to remind myself of that every day ;)
phakacha8 Premium
Your frugal mentality has seeped deep enough for people to invest 0.83/day to WA and reap a hundred times.

I've been a spender all my life and don't save but your article has also given an impact on that perspective.

Hey Roope, that was inspirational. Thanks for sharing.

Much appreciated.
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
Thanks for sharing your insights and happy to hear you've found the article inspirational!
phakacha8 Premium
That's right.
JerryHuang Premium Plus
That’s an absolutely inspiring post Roope!
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
Thank you Jerry! Looking forward to your extremely inspiring posts also :)