99,9% of your competitors will quit - Stay in the Game!

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When I was starting at Wealthy Affiliate and building my first website, I often asked myself this question,

"There are already millions of blogs and websites out there. Isn't the competition too tough nowadays?? How could I ever succeed online?"

Many people have also asked me that same question.

However, I realized quite quickly one thing that has always helped me to move forward.

The answer is simple:

99,9% of your competitors will quit sooner or later.

Just by staying in the game and keeping on creating new content every week, you'll beat almost everyone in this race.

Even successful people and websites experience setbacks and they may drop from the game and then you can surpass them.

Have you ever felt like quitting? So has everyone else!

But if you want to get the results and win, don't quit. Stay in the game.

What does "Staying in the game" mean?

I mentioned quickly that you'll beat 99,9% of your competition just by staying in the game but what does it actually mean.

First, it doesn't mean that you just pay some money somewhere and hope that the results will magically cone your way. Buying products and services often help but that doesn't give you results if you don't do the work.

Being a member at WA will definitely help you to make money online and build an online business but your results will depend on the actions you take.

1. Staying in the game means that...

You take consistent action by learning new skills and applying them in practice day in and day out.

Did you miss a day? Don't worry, do it again next day.

Did your article fail? Don't worry, write a better article.

Did you face a challenge that you don't find a solution? Don't worry, ask the WA community, search on Google/YouTube, and find answers from people who already walked the path.

Didn't you get the results right away? Learn what should you do differently and try again until you get the results that you desire.

2. Staying in the game means that...

You stay persistent and achieve your goals sooner or later, no matter what happens.

Everyone faces some challenges. That's just life.

But next time when you face a challenge, tell yourself, "Everyone faces challenges. Some of my competitors will quit when they face this. But when I keep on going and solve this, I'm again one significant step closer to reaching my goals."

And I'd like to add.

3. Staying in the game means that...

You are always looking for ways to grow and develop.

Staying in the same level isn't the goal. Growing to the next level and always reaching higher is the ultimate goal.

Why Is This So Important?

I've talked about this topic many times and I will keep on talking about it.

One of the reasons is that it saddens me to see many people taking a lot of action and they quit just when they were about to get the results.

People with a huge potential have quit just right before succeeding.

They have learned tons of new skills, applied the knowledge and done the work. But then they face a challenge and quit. I completely understand that feeling though.

But think about it... Just a little bit more and you may have your big breakthough!

What if Michael Jordan would have quit when he wasn't accepted into the high school basketball team? Nobody would know about MJ and he would have never become one of the greatest players of all time.

(Even though I'm not a basketball fan like Kyle & Carson I find Jordan's story inspiring! hehe)

What if you quit on your goals and dreams? You'll never achieve them and the people that you were supposed to help will never hear from you.

On the other hand...

If you stay in the game... Think about once being able to tell your story. Feel the feeling that it gives. See yourself in the position that you've overcome everything and had incredible breakthroughs.

After all, all of your results will start from thoughts in your mind. So, think about thoughts that will help you to succeed.

This is for all of you (and also to me):

Stay in the game! Never quit.

All the best!

Roope "Always stay in the game" Kiuttu

PS. Now I'd like to ask you.

Have you ever felt like quitting?

How did it feel kept on going when you got your breakthroughs and the results you desired?


Let us hear from you in the comments below!


PPS. Feel free to share this post to all of those who are asking the question, "How can I succeed because there's already so much competition."

Share this also to all of those who have been thinking about quitting but they might be just about to have their breakthroughs.

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Recent Comments


Love this!


Pretty inspirational!

Thanks John!

There’s a lot to be said for just staying with it and keeping up the effort. It’s a learning curve but we all have to keep the faith.


Yes, constantly learning and growing is definitely part of the game :)

Now THAT's a headline! Attention getter Maximus.

Hehe :D

Hello Kiuttu, thanks for the article. It has motivated me to keep going as I have had days when I wanted to quit. I will keep moving up and striving. Thank you so much 👌👌👌

Thank you Ahmed, I'm happy to hear that you found my article helpful!

Yes, I have felt like quitting sometimes. I feel like I just don't have enough time to make it work occasionally. I have been through this cycle enough times to know I always come out the other side feeling even more confident that it will work however.

Just this summer I have been extremely busy with my other 2 jobs, wildfires, smoke in the air, a heatwave etc. and have not been adding content to my sites. It was discouraging to see my post ranking and traffic falling. I know however that once fall comes and I have a bit more time, I will once again add content , my post rankings will rise and traffic and sales will increase as well.

My site is remarkable resilient through these periods when I am absent. It chugs along and while post rankings go down it takes months for them to go down substantially. I still get a few sales even though I am basically absent. I know that whenever I add content I am adding to the base of my site that makes it stronger and more resilient through time. The more content I have, the longer it can go on it's own. Of course most of my content is "evergreen" content so that helps.

I am glad you posted this to remind us that everyone has challenges so having challenges is no reason to quit! I also like your reminder that most people will quit and just by sticking it out we can be successful. I am definitely going the slow route but I wont' quit!


Thanks for sharing thoughts Jessica. I know that you'll stick to these things until you get big results. You really have the consistency to make things happen.

Thank you so much Roope. I was just working on my longest post yet for my nutrition site. It is over 4,000 words.

Love the title and post Roope, someone was telling me that there are about 4,000,000 pieces of content posted each day, it's a wonder the world doesn't tip off its axis.

It could be so easy to pack up and go home, but then again standing on the side lines is not as much fun as being in the game.

Being caught in the middle was the hardest place to be, not one place or the other.

I am always reminded of that saying,

A champion team can always beat a team of champions.

We can become our own champion team.

We are definitely in the right place to tip the scales in our favor.

Wow, that's an interesting statistic! 4,000,000 pieces of content is HUGE.

But after we'd drill down how many of them are:

1. In the same niche.
2. High quality content.
3. Content targeted for Google.
4. Content from people who are in it for the long term.

We'd find out that the competition is actually much, much smaller than it seems.

Also, great quote, "A champion team can always beat a team of champions."

So true, Roope, when it boils down to it there is only one competitor that we need to beat, and that is ourselves, all the rest falls int place after that.

All good Roope, you always post good info.
Darren :)

Thanks Darren!

So True, thanks for sharing
Darren :)

Thanks for reading Darren!

I agree! I do not know if it's 99.9% but is a big percentage of quitters for sure.

Depends on the time-frame of course :)

The longer we go, the bigger number it is. Even most of the Fortune 500 companies have gone down over time even though they are the greatest companies in the world.

I see your point. One part of our work is to outlast our competitors.

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