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Further to my previous question?

Further to my previous question?

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Everything Wordpress

I went to the Site Manager and the screen showed up!

That's Great!

Jaxxy keeps saying retry canthis be solved?

Jaxxy keeps saying retry canthis be solved?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

I am trying to get QSR in Jaxxy Enterprise, but in most instances, the program tells me to RETRY. Some keywords do return a QSR. I thought that upgrading to Enterprise the issu

Thanks Labman

I'm sure the support team is working hard at getting this resolved. Usually, when this happens a new feature is being tested. Be patient.

I have posted several questions seeking help?

I have posted several questions seeking help?

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Website Development & Programming

I have posted several questions seeking help, but none have been answered. Please some one answer this question ' How do I I load an extension to my theme?'

John we are here for Ya let us know what you mean.

I think you may as Scott says its a plugin. It could be anything from a page builder or an optin form.

Reach out to us more we can help you
Debs :)

When you say extension, I'm assuming you're asking about a plugin. Can you clarify exactly what you mean so we can provide the correct answer?

Also, I just took a look at your profile and all I can see is this question, your back and forth with Kyle on your profile page and a blog post titled "Problem with my site not displaying correctly. See image".

I don't see any other questions from you anywhere.

hey hi John!

appreciate your kind patience with everyone ....

It may be that we're all rather confused with your query -- kindly please clarify by elaborating further as to your meaning -- perhaps you're referring to 'child themes?' .... WordPress themes are in the thousands and they all have distinct features or functionalities ...

we're all trying to be helpful whenever we can -- everyone's doing their best here ...

keep well, keep happy! .... cheerio ... :)

Thank you for your response. I should have been more explicit. I loaded a theme from WA that advised there was an extension to the site which gave more useful functions. I paid for and downloaded the extension, but the instructions to load relate to a WordPress site. There doesn't seem to be any instructions on how to load into my WA selected site. This is frustrating me, as I want to progress.

WA sites are WordPress sites.

Can you tell us what the theme is and what the message is that is coming up. If no one can help then you will need to have this information for site support to help you.

Are you referring to a web address as an extension? Example: https://www.mysit.com

The theme I chose from WA is called Freeware. Going to Customise, you will see just under my SiteName 'Freeware 'Upgrade to Pro' I looked at the details of this upgrade and saw that it had more functions, so I paid for it and downloaded it. The instructions to install takes me to a WordPress site that only talks about the WordPress install instructions. I don't know how to do that! That is why I am seeking advice, or help to do so in WA. Thanking you all in anticipation/

If I understand you correctly.

You installed a theme called Freeware. Than you purchased it's upgraded features to the pro version.

Then you read the instructions and it says how to install the theme.

Did they give you a file to install the theme or a upgrade registration code to register the them to the new pro version?

Look at the image is this the theme were talking about?

If so log into your account and see if there is a link to download the theme pro version. If there is try downloading the file to your computer then go to WordPress and click Appearance > Themes > Add New > Then click Upload Theme

Next Click choose file "File, select and open the file you downloaded on to your computer then click install theme.

If the theme installs awesome your golden just activate the theme.

If you see two copies of theme which happens sometime just activate the pro version and delete the free version of the theme.

There are other steps and reasons a theme may not install I'm not going to overwhelm you with them.

So let me know if this works or not. If it doesn't we can look at the other options to get your theme installed.

The site that sold you the them should have a support system to contact them on there site or in your members ship log in area.

Let me know how it turns out I'll do what I can to try to help you resolve this.

Are you trying to upload by plugin as well do the have the extension file on your desktop?


You would need to elaborate on what you mean by
"an extension to my theme" are you trying to add
a plugin - what are you talking about.


Susan, thank you for your response. I hope you can see my reply to BluFishRebel.

JagiR, thank you for your response. I hope you can see my reply to BluFishRebel.


BlueFishRebel has you covered completely - your question
was a bit confusing - always provide as many details for us
to help you that way you are not going to be waiting for
answers ::))


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