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My strengths lie in the accounting arena. I have been unemployed for a while and I want to change my financial situation for better. I





Know of accounting work I can do?i'm an ms excel expert.

Know of accounting work I can do?i'm an ms excel expert.

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I am really good with accounting stuff especially reporting - financial and/or management. I use MS Excel with ease to make jobs easier. I could do required work in minimal tim

Could try freelancer and see what happens for starts. Can be great =^-^=

Yes, try Fiverr or Elance.

Try Freelancer or Elance and similar sites.
You will do well if you also have knowledge of accounting software.

I agree with TheoldSilly besides you are not supposed to promote yourself on WA. From what I have seen ...this is a big NO-NO! Just a friendly warning,
Thanks Bill

Hi Ronnie would agree with Loes it may even help you out of your current predicament , there are various methodologies to help with marketing on fiverr how long before your membership expires . The skills we learn here can have a cross over to the local market put your thinking cap on and you may be able to come up with other ideas . You can do it Ronnie I have faith in you.

There are lots of online, free ad posting services where you could get the word out about your services for hire. Do that, and I am sure you will get some business. You could even put up a website offering your accounting services - a site that shows your expertise and builds credibility and knowledge of the skill.

You can place an add on Fiverr, I bet there are people really happy to find you

I agree with Marion, rules say this is Spam

Hi Ronnie, we're not allowed to offer any services here at WA. The rules are very strict I wouldn't report this as spam but some others might. ~Marion

I'm not real sure what you are asking here Ronniem. Would you re-phrase the question please.


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