No matter what - keep this in mind!

Last Update: March 12, 2020

You are not defined by your past...

And NOW will always be the BEST time to make a change and Take Action!

No matter how much people may doubt you...

Keep getting better & keep improving!!

You're worth it!!!

Appreciate you,

Rod S.

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Nick-at-WA Premium
You are really inspiring Rod thank you
rodsingleton Premium
Really appreciate that Nick!
Glad to be apart of your network :)
VeronicasLuv Premium
What's great about this philosophy of reinvention is that there's really no limitation on when, where, or how you decide to expand.
rodsingleton Premium
Sooo true Veronica!!! :)
ElwinDutton Premium
All my friends say it will never happen. They say i'm wasting my time fooling around with that stuff.
rodsingleton Premium
Know what's awesome about that Elwin??

We don't even have to focus on proving them wrong......

All we have to do is focus on proving OURSELVES right!

Approval from you, in regards to you, means more than getting it from anyone else my man :)

So regardless of what they say....

Let's hit YOUR goals!

I'm seriously rooting for you!!!

Let me know anytime you need anything.
Maike12 Premium
Hello Elwin Uou have taken steps to make a dream come true. It is what you visualize, it will manifest! Good luck!
Catwoman1459 Premium
Great advice, thanks for the inspiration!
rodsingleton Premium
Anytime :)
Glad to be connected with you!!
pablocortina Premium
Thank you for the encouraging words
rodsingleton Premium
Absolutely! Thank you for continuing to help people.
The support is much appreciated :)