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A question I've been receiving lately is "what is prospecting in sales?"At first thought, I thought it was kind of silly. Most people have to know what prospecting is, right? Then I thought about my online journey and realized something.Sure I knew what prospecting was, but did I really understand it and how important of a step it is within the sales process as much as I do now?The answer, definitely not.So I recently created a post titled "What is Prospecting in Sales?"And as I was creating th
August 01, 2018
sRdiculously simple and fun lolHaving already completed the levels, as well as a lot of the tasks with my previous company before even starting the course (lol), this is exactly the information I've been learning for years - which just assures me that WA shares information that "actually" helps you for the long run! Information that can help you no matter what niche you're in.Gotta love WA :)
Love this community :)Have you experienced any success or result here at WA Lately?Share your results in the comments!
WHY We can both agree, that It can be difficult at times to find the "Perfect" image(s) for your content, right?And even if you do find the right one, the uncertainty of it belonging to someone else, bothers you a little...Doesn't it??Well - No Longer An Issue for You :)Here's a FREE Tool you can take advantage of to find beautiful images on demand for any of your content.!HOW TO FIND STOCK FREE / CREATIVE COMMON IMAGES + MORE1. Go to http://search.creativecommons....2. Type in your image (keyw
You are not defined by your past...And NOW will always be the BEST time to make a change and Take Action!No matter how much people may doubt you...Keep getting better & keep improving!!You're worth it!!!Appreciate you,Rod S.
July 12, 2017
Don't just do it for yourself.Keep this in mind...Render sincere VALUE - your audience will love you for it :)Appreciate you,Rod S.
It can be frustrating at times when you're first getting started growing your business, this we know.But what if there was a way to simplify the process of profiting online?Utilize these 3 steps to help get your business into profit mode!.1 - Target A Specific NicheThe awesome part about this is, you learn how to target your niche here through your WA training. Now, once you have your Target Niche, the goals is to CONNECT with them - Not to sell them right away!The moment you comes across as so
So thankful for you all - this community is amazing! :).Thank you for all of the support!
Creating content for your audience is key - we know this. .But engaging your visitors once they reach your blog, now that's an entirely different story. Now again, don't get me wrong, creating content is great..But now it's time to utilize these Blogging Hacks to boost the conversions of your readers..Enjoy!.5 BLOGGING HACKS YOU START USING TODAY:===========================================.1 - ANSWER QUESTIONS BEFORE THEY ASK YOUObjections, prospects have plenty of them - Right? lol So answer t
As you're growing your business online as a beginner, things can be a little scary at times...Am I right on this one?"We need training, we need tools and we need constant direction" according to some people opinions.But ultimately, once you incorporate these 4steps, there's a great chance you may see an increase in all aspects of life - and that's our Goal :).Give some of the tips a Go and let me know what helps....1. LISTEN TO AFFIRMATIONS IN THE A.M.Everyday, I start my day off with Gratitude