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In certification course 2, lesson10, Kyle encourages us to share our accomplishments and successes thus far in the program. This will be my feeble attempt to do that. Although I'm far from finished with my website, I am pretty happy with what I have so far. I need to add a lot more content for starters. I have 8 pages finished and 1 review. I added my first post on 7/28/14. I'm anxious to start course 3 as that is when I'll start to learn how to monetize my site. Aside from learning how to mone
June 04, 2014
Visibility and credibility are established by taking such measures as writing and marketing articles and E-Books, posting to blogs and forums, appearing as an expert on teleseminars and webinars, etc. The fact is that when people know you and trust you, they buy from you. They will buy from you even if your competitors are offering a better deal or more incentives. People do not like to buy from strangers. The Internet is a big impersonal and even frightening place to many consumers. They want
May 27, 2014
I can't express the frustrations I have felt thru the years trying to estabish an online business. Although I have learned some skills along the way, what I was missing was personal coaching from those in the know. I have easily spent over $25,000 on programs, courses, and tools...all to no avail. It put a strain on my marriage to the point that I almost lost everything that was important to me...and that is my family. I am still rebuilding the trust that was lost during those times. Now I a